Topping up pension

As I understand you can "top up" your pension. ie pay extra into every month. Is it as simple as seeing your pay guy and x amount of your monthly wage being added to your pension?

No it is isn't. It depends on which scheme you are in ask FPS for advice before you anything.
It depends which scheme you are in.

For AFPS 75 members, you can buy Added Years providing you have 'headroom'. That means that if you are an Other Rank who joined at age 20, you could apply to buy up to 2 years pension benefit to supplement your pension.

For AFPS 05 members, you can buy Added Years but the total of your actual reckonable service and the Added Years may not exceed 40 years' worth of pension.

For both schemes the maximum you can contribute is 15% of pay.

I hope that helps.

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