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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GeneralMayhem, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Whilst surfing liveleak I found this rather tasty Romanian slag with her puppies out. Must admit I felt the need to spill my spaff. Can any one else find any such gems to help in my search for masturbatory fulfilment?

    Many thanks chaps
  2. So you went from looking from Suicide videos to pictures of nubile women? You sir, are a legend! :D
  3. Actually I was searching for video's of nubile women commiting suicide.

    You sir, are a tard. You know nuffin! :p
  4. Nubile Girls Commiting Suicide

    Well, this link once worked, but someone recently took the video down.
  5. She is gorgeous - and fascinatingly bendy.

    Let's hope they see sense and introduce it as an event in time for the London Olympics.
  6. not video's but gif's



  7. Is it not a bit sad that the Romanian chick now has to resort to antics... after representing her country in a sporting position?
  8. Well its a good way to raise some funding if she wants to go to the Olympics :p

  9. Sorry, but she needs proper training, luckily, im more than willing to, Lick her into shape.

    I would obviously need slow motion close ups, to check that the correct posture is being utilised, so any further links would help me greatly. ;)
  10. Sorry, Padre - shouldn't you be writing your sermon for this coming Sunday?
  11. FCUK FCUK FCUK. My open zone voucher has run out, consequently my new dongle was plugged in to check out your link. Bigbird sorry yes it has been done before, however I have also now discovered that livelink and all porn has been blocked by Vodaphone content control. FCUK FCUK FCUK
  12. Thanks for your timely advice. I was just going to get one of those things today - obviously a waste of money :lol: