Topless Pics of Kate Middleton?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by beemer007, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Now unless anyone on here has close contact's with the scumy French Media we await the evidence.

    Mag in 'topless Kate shots' claim - Yahoo! News UK

    I'm fully aware of the arrse tradition of a thread is worthless without images, so if the following articles turns out to be true or just another fake photoshopped attempt remains to be seen, in the meantime the 'Privacy' issue has raised it's head obviously.

    Selected for the Naafi as at the moment it deems appropriate.
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well harry can get naked why cant she?

    worst case she ends up on an ops tour with the wrvs
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  3. Well Kate & Pippa can do a double strip tease act for the Ops CSE shows ;-)
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  4. Best to not get the puppies (Corgis?) out over there, the Mussies have been stirred up enough recently!
  5. Puppies?

    Phots seen, they are still in pregnancy.
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  6. She should've whipped them out in the mosque. That'd have upstaged the yanks and their feeble B movie.
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  7. Wow, a woman has boobs... hold the front page.
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  8. She's a fine looking lass, but to be honest, not exactly the No1 mind spring when it comes to a front page jugfest. Edwina Currie, however, would have me racing to the newsagents, as a) she has mahoosive chebs, and b) she's filthy.
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  9. Pippa on the other hand, there's already pics of her at some sort of Uni gimp fest, playing truth or dare/strip poker or some other 'dreadfully hillarious and ironic yahh' game with a bunch of student grant types.

    And what with all this frolicking iwth the worlds elite at the moment, you know there's going to be some Harryesque nudity and alcholol fueled hilarity coming soon.

    Not including that muppet with the replica pistol.
  10. This Edwina Currie?

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  11. Link please?
  12. Make that a Sportsmans and I'm driblling from three areas already. Her daughter Debbie got her fun bags out and was pure filth.
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  13. Having spent time on a few French beaches why is anybody surprised?
  14. Fixed it for you