Topless Model Skydiving for Forces Charity

Look long and lingeringly at this fine female form

It is Jodie Gasson (Page 3 girl, fellow Arrser)

And come 12 July (TOMORROW!!), she won't be looking quite so composed, 'cos she'll be bricking it, as (stapped to some well-waxed escapee from 3 Para mortars currently employed by The Red Freds, she will be bodily hurrled from a moving (if barely serviceable) aircraft, at an altitude of around 4 miles above ground, at Netheravon (hotbed of sin, drunkenness and skydiving. Not necessarily in that order - I generally used to get the skydiving out of the way before the drinking and the sinning, but sometimes . . . well, y'know how it is, and as long as there's no drinking within 25m of the aircraft, and no smoking within 8 hrs . . . )

NOW - she ain't doing it for fun (mebbe she thinks she is, but I promise there will come a point - prob'ly - from memory - at about 3,00feet when the air pressure has diminished to the point that the seal on the sphincter at the human fundamental orifice fails, and the air inside the cabin is filled with a malodorous stench redolent of the yeast and chillies in last night's Kronenbourg 1664 and the madras you had with it - that she will begin to doubt the wisdom of her choice, and will have to screw her courage (as Billy Shakespeare put it) to the sticking post, and get in the door.

So wot? Sez you.

Well, the answer is that she's doing this to raise some dosh for a Forces charity (Honour Our Heroes), and although denied the opportunity (by the barstid Elfin Of Safe Tea) to go topless in the air comme ca:

( . . . in which case I'd be doubling my donation) she has nevertheless undertaken to supply a post-descent piccie of her excellent self posing topless wearing (for want of anything stylish) the maroon lid of an immaculately epilated, chiselled but strangely androgynous young Para.

Well beter that, I s'pose, than a 70s sweat band:

(trust me on this, there are a coupla sweatbands in that picture. Tak a closer loook - you know you want to . . . )

If she's gonna scare herself sh#tless, it seems only right that devotees of THIS forum OF ALL FORUMS should take the opportunity to give thanks to Jodie and her fellow professionals, in a form more economically valuable than a lifetime collection of soiled Kleenex (or socks, for that matter)

Details :

Jodie Gasson Skydive
. . . and this isn't hers, but it's a good 'un:
I just read on twitter that Jodie had her Red Freds skydive at about 4pm this afternoon.

No news yet on the topless photo with the Freds, but well done her, anyway.

To show you're impressed, at the same time as approving of Jodies bare fleshy curves - you could do worse than following the link below, and chucking a couple of quid in the pot:

Jodie Gasson Skydive
Will try and upload a few pics if I can remember how..........

Bugger, not a tit or minge in sight, what a let down after that build up! Ho hum was ever thus :-( anyway well done for having the guts to do it!
Hmm, weird, yes I uploaded them on twitter, see if this link works? Skydive pic 2 - over the side on Twitpic maybe they have a time limit?

or this link Twitpic / Jodie_Gasson

Video takes a week or two to arrive. (editing time etc)
Ta for that.

Dunno about t time limit, the photos serpently don't have *.jpg at the end of the filename - some kinda copyright protection? Who can say . . .

Tell you what - they musta gone out their way to fix you up with the ugliest ole bloke on the Freds to be the Tandem Master for you :-b (Mebbe thought he needed a morale boost :-D)

Loking forward to seeing the video. (It ticks me off though - I used to have to carry a bout 10lbs of cameras on me head, and a VCR strapped to my chest, to get phots a fraction as good as they can get with a device the size and weight of a packet of crayons!!)

Ohh Well . . . :-D
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