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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. Sorry all,

    But images and movies and links to gratuitous violence ,especially ones of doubtful provenance will be removed.

    We know it is going on, we know that the scum who are doing it,are worse than animals , but I can't permit links to this ghastly form of voyeurism on the Current Affairs forum.

    Other moderators may feel differently,but that is my view.

    This is not an admonishment ,merely an advisory.

  2. Well done PTP.

    Don't let ARRSE be associated with such grizzly crap.

  3. Good call.
  4. Quite agree
  5. here, here PTP
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator


    The footage from previous murders have been splashed all over and have no place on Arsse.

    Nice one, PTP.
  7. Popular move then PTP?

  8. Bear Poo? :D
  9. Good call
  10. PTP...don't right minded idiot would want to see it anyway
  11. I cannot understand why the papers and TV news have to keep showing the scenes of hostages in this situation, even without the 'final act'. They are just doing the terrorists work for them, providing them with publicity. Dare I say Maggie had it right on this one - "the oxygen of publicity"?
  12. I don't understand why the media and governments aren't condeming this filming of torture and death as they did when it was found that US Forces were filming inside the jail.
  13. Because if they condemned it.....they couldn't report on graphic would not sell as many copies.

    Hopefully, readers/viewers will vote with their feet, and voters.....well 'nuff said.
  14. Besides, Armourer, being a law abiding civilised country (and the US almost fits that description too), why not expose the bad apples.

    maybe the lessons learned will somehow make us better for that.

    maybe I'm talking arrse. But the point is:

    Did anyone in NATO hack off someones head for the cameras?

    It would be nice if the media did make that comparrison.
  15. There is also the human aspect - it must be horrific enough for the family, knowing a person died like that, without also knowing that the barstewards filmed the whole thing and that anyone in the world can see it all with a mouse click.
    That must be devastating.