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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. Armourer

    "Should the West be doing more to stop the spread of Islam"

    How do you propose the West "stop the spread of Islam"

    Nice topic starter, which you then spiced up by adding "Jihad" to it.


    Don't repost it.
  2. Can we be told what is wrong with J*h*d? In isolation or because it is in a post with the word I*l*m?

    Jihad - in full because it is an Arabic word - is surely capable of discussion.
    Islam - ditto - is surely capable of discussion
    What is so wrong in discussing them both at the same time?

    I'm not being smart arrse but I'm confused. Help please. PM will suffice if the crime is so henious.
  3. The explanation for the deletion is in the opening post ORC.

    There is no problem with the words Jihad or Islam.

    There is a problem with a topic starter , "Should the West stop the spread of Islam"

    In my experience this type of topic starter invariably leads to views expressed , which are out of keeping with what we are trying to promote about Arrse, and has led to threads being edited, deleted etc.

    There are ways to phrase this type of topic starter,there are other threads about Islam on Current Affairs, that have had a good debate generated.

    I would simply request more care is taken when choosing a topic title, especially on a forum open to the world, and full of people just waiting to twist words out of context and proportion.
  4. I think you are out of order for deleting the post there was nothing offensive in it.
  5. PTP please delete my account at ARRSE and I'd also be obliged if you could delete my picture in the gallery.


    great site and I've enjoyed being part of it.
  6. No.

    Read your PM's.
  7. He was right to delete it. You cannot start a discussion with 'stop the spread of islam'
    It's akin with saying 'stop the spread of coloured people'
    It's bang out of order and completely xenophobic. One islamic extremist doesn't mean the whole culture has the same views.

    Now stop being a baby, and put your toys back in your pram.
  8. BigJobs said

    Only one? That's a relief!
  9. ok maybe not one! but you get my meaning!
  10. that means 2...right :?:
  11. Fully agree that abusive posts should be moderated/deleted, but when complete discussions are forbidden because they may be taken 'out of context' by journos, then it means that said journos are indirectly dictating what we are allowed or not allowed to discuss, and that is very, very sad.

    Should this be renamed PcArrse?
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I believe the original thread title was in the form of a question, "Should the West stop the spread of Islam ?" So it really is a reasonable subject for debate, although it might have been better phrased "Should Islam remain within it's present boundaries" - it doesn't sound so 'hostile.'

    Had the title been "Stop the spread of Islam" and the leading post had encouraged or incited that idea then it probably should have been deleted, but only to protect the site's reputation of balanced discussion.

    There are many ideas worthy of a thread, the bone ones soon get shouted down.

    But while I understand that sometimes the site has to be policed to preserve it's uniqueness, it is a sad indication of how much the whole PC idea has leached into even the most sensible thinking.
  13. and what could possibly be sensible about the methods of stopping the spread of Islam?!!

    (there, we've got the debate without the incitement to religous and racial intolerance PtP was worried about - and quite rightly!! :D )

    so, answer the and why woud you want to stop the spread of a belief that is based on peace? unless it's for the same reasons that you would want to stop the spread of those dangerous people who advocate an eye for an eye and have burned and tortured those who didn't follow their views in the past?!

  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well said cutaway.

    PtP this site is becoming more like pprune every day.
  15. answer the d*mn question