Topic 40% of UK Muslims want Sharia Law MKII

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rincewind, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. Reading a thread a couple of days ago and it now seems to have had a massive, IMHO, over cull!

    i voiced my support for the Australian Government and it's immigration policy.

    So to re post and steal, or borrow the initial question that prompted these sentiments.....

    Topic 40% of UK Muslims' want Sharia Law

    Link to previous thread.


    Is DEBATE and OPINION that digresses from the opinion of the moderator reason for deletion?

  2. No Rincewind, but filling a post with F-Words does.
  3. ^^^

    And not stating how sexy I am in my nightie is also a serious crime punishable by death. I hear no nightie-worshiping!
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, I noticed that.

    I too thought that the Aussies had the correct idea - it's our country, you may live here if you wish, but will abide by our rules.

    Or perhaps if I went to Saudi and wanted to live under British Law then the moderator would support me and delete any posts that opposed my view ?

    I realise that certain people feel that the true opinions of site members may be in their eyes 'damaging' to the site, but isn't the solution to ban those members concerned for not toeing the Party line ?

    The front page banner could be amended to read :

    ARRSE is the Lib Dem's UNOFFICIAL centre of military and civil current affairs, news, statements applading the Party manifesto, humour, jobs, photos and bullshit.
  5. Or "Current Affairs is not the Naafi Bar. If you want to make a point, don't make it a rant sprinkled with F-words" . Which once again , is the reason the complainant's post was deleted.
  6. The use of the F word was Pongos excuse at deleting opinions he disagrees with. He's very good at doublespeak and even better at double standards.
  7. Ok - so why not PM me and tell me to remove the fword. or remove them yourself - you didnt even have the decency to say that you deleted it, and nor did you answer when i asked later in the thread.

    double standards indeed PTP as i know you are no stranged to the F word.

    The job of a moderator is to moderate not supress

  8. I think I've made the points "Calm down on the flowery language " and "it's not the Naafi Bar" on numerous occasions Rincewind.

    I do not PM everyone whose posts I delete, and on the majority of occasions, they do not question why , as they invariably know just why it happened. I do PM posters , and continue to do so , to prevent any confusion as to why their posts were deleted , if it is not immediately apparent.

    In your case, you posted a rant peppered with F-words. It didn't add anything to the ongoing debate. Other posts have been edited and deleted for similiar reasons, but the original posters haven't come back to me asking for reasons why , as they know why it happened.

    Now in your opening post, you suggest I deleted your post because it contained opinion I disagreed with. You forgot to mention any other reasons why that post may possibly have been deleted, until your last post.

    But it's easier to garner support for your opinion , by just saying "Oh he deleted it because it is contrary to his opinion" , no?

    I will continue to delete posts that contain excessive profanity and add nothing substantial to debate.

  9. I just think its nice that they've said 40 % and then explained that that's 4 in 10. Without that I'd have been stuck for hours.

    Play friendly peeps!
  10. Pongo wrote...

    One of 85 hits in Current Affairs and 197 overall.

    PTP, with respect, swearing is not a valid reason to cull posts, and certainly not when you're as big an offender as the rest of us.
  11. Doesn't take much for the thin veneer of impartiality to be washed away does it?
  12. Yep , and I got a severe and justified telling off on that one too , not withstanding the context.

    On 197 occasions in 9000+ posts, I have indeed resorted to profanity. I shall have a proper word with myself.

    In the interim however , as Arrse grows and is read and quoted in the mainstream more and more, f-word rants that add noting of substance as opposed to debating points become increasingly unacceptable. I luckily intercepted and edited one notable reply from a poster that had some good points liberally sprinkled with F-words. That (edited) reply was subsequently quoted in the National press. :(

    It's a curse perhaps, or Arrse becoming more 'accessible'. Now we really have someone reading over our collective shoulders , and saying "Who cares what I say" can have an effect in the wider arena.

    If a point is made, with some good points included therein which can drive a debate on, or give pause for thought, I will take the time and edit out the swearwords , as I have done on numerous occasions and continue to do.

    All to easily we forget how many people read Arrse , and how often our comments end up in print.
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good - that means no more Liberal Party bias in this forum then!
  14. looking at the quote there are only 4 swear words. i havent seen rincewinds post so will someone tell me how many swear words it contained and whether they were spelt correctly or not
  15. Pongo isn't really a Lib Dem... Rumour has it he likes to do it with girls! Shame they don't like to do it with him though....