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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by Proximo, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. I'm going to keep a running total of our leading Wiki artistes because I'm sad and I love the Wiki!

    Including a certain amount (+/- 1%) of error in places, the Leader Board of the Top Posters (more than 50 posts) looks like this:

    • ***1. Disco with 146 entries.***

      2. Ghostie with 112 entries.
      3. Chickenpunk (who he?) with 65 entries.
      4. Plant-pilot with 57 entries.
      5. LostBoss with 54 entries.
      6. Duck Dodgers with 53 entries.

    The judges were also very impressed with the devotion to duty shown by Armourer (31 entries) and Stoatman (20 entries).

    Well done them - have yesterday off! :D

    PS Certain people probably have contributed more, but if you don't login with a name, the system only records your IP. Any issues with the Leader Board, please PM me. Cheers! :D

  2. Is it possible to change the name of the author from an IP number to your name?
  3. yes indeed how do I get my username to come up?
  4. Follow this link.

    You must have cookies enabled to use this, but the rewards of seeing your name in lights (see above) will be well worth it!
  5. How do i know my ranking?
    Or when will we know?
  6. Poet, top tip mate. Use a spell checker prior to posting your stuff on the wiki. Failing that, get a grown up to red pen it first. Having your name in lights can be a draw back. :wink:
  7. Hmm I need to block Ghosties account.... OOPS did I say that out loud!!!
  8. Mmmm :oops:

    57 entries? I didn't think I was that sad. But maybe I am :wink:
  9. I see myself as more of an editor than an author - equally valid IMO :D
  10. When you make a change to a page, how do you put the note in to show what you have done? By that I mean the stuff in black type in brackets after the usernames on the "Recent Changes" page.
  11. There is an actual Wiki help page here for general queries. In addition, we have our very own FAQ Page if you have real problems.

    Or you could PM either of the 2 Wiki Mods - Duck Dodgers or Ghost Rider for more specific help.
  12. Yeah dont ask me, Ill just delete your page :p DD yeah cheers fella!

    At the bottom of the edit dialouge box (the bit you type in) you will see a summary box. Type your comments as to what you have done etc in there.

  13. I think the wiki has taken over Plant Pilot!

    Hes posting like man possessed.

    Someone get him round for a BBQ and can of stella before he starts entries on NSN numbers!!!