thought i would try and start an online top-trumps thread ( kind of )
if people think its a juank idea just don't respond and let it seep off the page into oblivion :wink:

can anyone beat rachel

people have been saying they can't upload pic,
find a picture on the tinternet and copy the link making sure it ends in jpg e.g
type your message at the bottom hit preview and select the insert image option which is the one below the bold option
surely for top trumps there should be some details, statistics, apart from the obvious measurements, what stats would you want to see on a girly top trumps?
I am seemingly unable to attach pics on this thread, but can on others
I had a pic of Danni Minogue with her melons on parade. Like Kylie, but with big tits. Two of them
Louise Nurding! She's dissapeared off of the scope recently, I loved her as a teenie
Bollox, why won't this poxy system let me upload any pics onto this thread?

I had some top quality munters selected for you guys.......
mini_rq said:
lets make it a rule that it has to be an uptodate picture, unless she( or he if the females want to get involved ) is dead
Crikey. That'll replace the RSM in my nightmares...
I'm sorry . but you are a bunch of girls. Get fell in and deal with this.......................

Clearly an out and out WINNER in the top-trumps stakes..............................


Still, keep you warm on cold nights, you can dip your wick in her, or dip a wick in her and set light to it. Burn for days with that much to fuel it!
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