Top Trumps, or How To Put A Bloke Off His Game.


Mark The Convict

It would have been a much better match if he'd stormed into the crowd and broken his very expensive cue over Mr Creosote's head.


Book Reviewer
Gotta love the player's name too - Judd Trump
What a damp squib...... fer fooks sake the geezer should have consumd some pickled eggs and oinions before going to the match.... and let one rip that he would ahve been proud off, as it went down in history...... my auld granny could parp louder than that.... sounded like a fanny fart......
And what, Uncle Vanya, does a fanny fart sound like?
That reminds me of a story about the late great Aussie snooker legend Eddie Charlton.

The story goes that after winning a tournament, he was out celebrating and picked up a particularly fetching young lass and took her back to his hotel room.

One thing led to another and they get naked. Eddie asks her to assume the doggy position, and he stands at the foot of the bed studying her bits and intently stroking his chin.

"What are you doing?" Asks the eager girl.

" Don't rush me," replies Eddie, "I'm just not sure whether to go the pink or brown."
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