Top trumps - Jackel 4x4 road test

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by happybonzo, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Channel 5 at 1930 -

  2. It was a rubbish programme. It nearly became interesting when one of the presenters was stuck in some quicksand - but they got him out.
    The Jackal was being demoed by a saucy little minx, who despite being smothered in overalls, still looked very do-able :lol:
  3. I didn't actually see the programme, but my mate described it to me as a marvellous sales pitch for the jackal ( but they left out all the bits about the gearboxes exploding spontaneously and them being towed into contacts with the Taleban). I also believe that they have EXACTLY the same weapons mounted to them as a WMIK Landrover; EXACTLY the same number of crew; weigh more than twice as much; cost more than three times as much; and the crew are accommodated over the wheels where the mines are triggered.
    I'm still trying to work out what the MOD is thinking of in the purchase of these things?????
  4. Beat me to it :lol:
  5. Maybe a bit naive-if a mine goes off, is it not a good thing to be directly above the wheel? Does that rather big circular thing not absorb a lot of the blast?

    Jackals also seem rather quicker than WMIKs off road and more stable. And LR aren't reknown for reliablity are they?

    So my possibly-journo friend, your points seem a little spurious. If something is good say so...

    If he is a journo answer his questions. It may stop him writing shit...
  6. No, I'm going have him / her kidnapped and used a sex toy. Then when everyone has had their wicked way I shall turn them into a lampshade
  7. I'm not a journo, but fail to see what that's got to do with the Jackals' failings. Let's use an example- Bravo 10 and/or Bravo30 both drove their 2 landrovers onto a Chinook, landed at their respective infil points and drove off ready for action. Can you do the same with Jackals?( I'll save you the trouble of actually having to look it up ) NO CHANCE!!
    Jackals are supposed to replace something that itself is not quite up to the original intended role ie. Provide rapid off-road transport to a half-section; with the Bowman kit taking up the space of the 4th crewman that role is already unfulfilled. ( The Lithuanians bought a tranche of WMIK landrovers that do in fact carry the required half-section).Jackals don't fulfill the required role either for the same reason ( Bowman instead of man).
    Jackals weigh in at over 6.5 tonnes unladen ( that's even before any additional armour) so negotiating low weight threshold bridges becomes a major issue .
    Late model rovers have additional blast protection built into the footwells to prevent injury from mine-strike , a big wheel -Jackal stylee won't stop the driver from flying 400 ft straight up in the air and scattering himself over a large area.
    I'm not even going to go into the fuel usage other than to say ,less than 10 mpg is pretty shit even for a 4x4 ( Humvees can do better than that; and they really are a pile of poo).
    I'll say they do look the Dogs Bollocks; but unfortunately that is what they are ,A DOG and UTTER BOLLOCKS.