Top Tottie Votes Are In...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. apparently 8.5 million ' men ' cast their ballots on

    and this is the top ten results for " most alluring/fantasy women

    10 ] Elisha Cuthbert [ 24'a Jack Bauer's daughter - ]
    9] Angelina Jolie [ how the mighty have fallen ]
    8] Maria Menounos [ a news reader of some sort apparently ]
    7] Shakira
    6] Alesandra Ambrosio [ ???]
    5] Jessica Biel [ some B list actress ]
    4] Adriana Lima [ a clothes horse/runway walker of some repute ]
    3] Jessica Alba
    2] Scarlett Johansen
    and the number one choice [ geez is that the best they could do? ]
    1] Beyonce

    There you have it, the up-to-date slavoring masses w*nk list du jour... :frustrated: :shakefist:
  2. I see that Moodybitch's name isn't there this year?
  3. No. 6 Alessandra Ambrosio
  4. Skinny supermodel with nice chebs. :thumright:

    Bollox. Beaten to it.
  5. I think the ARRSE ' block vote ' is still in effect...that and the fact that there is no ' deviant/dirty girl ' category so MDN coudn't flood the voting machine with his ' stuffed ballots '...

    nice photo of No. 6.., the camo top almost hides her boobs...seen better though..
  6. Droooooooooool Huh Huh Huh Huh

    You bastard I need a new keyboard

    Interesting point though, Beyonce does nothing for me. I mean I wouldn't say no but there are many many women I would put above her.

  7. I only recognised 3 of those names; and could only tell you what one of them looked like; I'm worried.

    While Moodybitch deserves a top ten place for her gorgeous chebs - I think jest and absolutejem are the top two arrsers if we were to run an arrse vote :D
  8. I watched 'Three' yesterday with Kelly Brook, I mean watched the film 'Three' featuring Kelly Brook, not watched the film with Kelly Brook sat in my living room........ohhhhhhhhh!

    However, as, in one vein (fnarr fnarr) half a million potential kids rocketed down my left leg I became very aware that she has the acting abilities of a retarded camel and to be honest I've seen better acting in XXXX wrist flick films. At least those lasses know where their skill set lies.

    Am I being unfair to the poor girl or are my powers of critique justified? What other hotties get their acting jobs just cos they look good?

    Saying that, she didn't make the top tottie list!
  9. I'd start worrying aswell - justifiably if you have bronski beat records.........
  10. I know everybody else hates her...which is great cos that means i've got her all to myself...

  11. I thought the vote was on women, not skanky chavs.