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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, May 28, 2006.

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  1. hi im back and have decided to include some tips for your kit. dont start arguing after the post if u dont like me or the post then tough shit.

    1.As i am a royal fusilier i wear a hackle after every day, i have worn my beret i put hackle in a reinforced smarties tube reinforced with tape then blow in to it the hot air should blow the feathers and moisture should form the shape into the smarties tube. This saves buying new hackles, i have had mine for 4 months now.

    2.if u have stable belts with brown leather on put quickshine brown on just freshens it up a bit. mod i have yet to do is to sew a rank slide on to the shoulder of my combat jacket so when shooting u can use it to support the sling i have also seen people pad the shoulder of their jacket tosoften recoil i dont bother with that cause i aint a wuss. favourite sew a hood on to ur jacket.

    5.dont use starch on ur creases but soap makes them razor sharp and they dont go white.

    6.get a micro fibre towl they dry quick and are small to pack.

    7.put evreything in ur bergen in seperate bags preferably freezer bags.

    8.dont use any other substance on ur boot except for polish if u dont no how to polish boots read other threads.

    9.get another utility pouch on ur webbing to put rations in and basha making kit.

    some other tips

    1.use ur common sense jerry cans with water in are to drink, then u wont ******* dehydrate.

    2.Have good turnout it will impress my turnout is meant to be one of the best in the company.

    any more tips i will add but for now enjoy.
  2. 10. Learn to spell, punctuate and master the Queen's Ingrish. This will not impress many people, but will allow you to reach the minimum standard that society expects of you.
  3. .......and next week on 'Who gives a fuck'.......
  4. Don't go out in the rain and you won't get wet.
  5. I thought you were in the ACF? As such, doesn't this make that statement, oh I don't know, A FCUKING LIE?!
  6. 11. Dyslexics. Try deliberately spelling words wrongly. This way at least you have a chance of spelling them correctly.
  7. i spilt coke in my keyboard and the keys are stuck together OK
  8. 12. FUN-sized Mars Bars make ideal normal sized Mars Bars for midgets.
  9. you've been on the porn thats why your keys are stuck together. :)
  10. Don't eat yellow snow
  11. 24. Make guests believe your home might be bugged by running your hands under tables and inside lampshades, then turning the shower on every time you want to speak.
  12. Freezer bags? :D You don't need them, they're for cold weather. For sunny weather, like on annual camp, use SANDbags. It's all in the name :wink:

    And please shurrup about the sling and firing, it's fine were it is, if it were shite, there'd be a) a complaining thread on here, and b) you'd see loads of gucci slings around :D
  13. When going for a p!ss, remember to take your d!ck out from inside your kecks.

    Unless you are playing the bishop game.

    And don't p!ss on your shoes
  14. So, you wear a hackle every day. But only wear uniform (prsumably) on two evenings per week and some weekends. Do you get many strange looks when you're not in uniform?

    It's late and you should be in your DPM pyjamas, snuggling under you DPM quilt cover. The best advice to a soldier is... SLEEP!

    I commend your interest in imparting your knowledge to others, it's very JNCO of you, but won't most other cadets be looking for advice in the ACF Forum?

    Good Night, and sleep tight.
  15. Were those wonderful words of wisdom from an ACF cadet? Oh dear oh dear oh dear the strange little child? School and exams and all those other things kids get up to is not enough he has to put top tips up for us all... how lucky we all are