Top Tips For Muslim Converts: Change Your Name And Stay Off The Piss.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. .In name of Muslim justice Katherine Danks From: The Daily Telegraph July 20, 2011 Muslim justice: Tolga Cifci and his mother leaving Burwood Local Court after facing charges relating to whipping Christian Martinez with electrical wire. Picture: Gary Graham Source: The Daily Telegraph
    HE is a recent convert to Islam, but Christian Martinez allegedly found out the hard way that drinking alcohol and sharia law don't mix.
    Police allege Mr Martinez, 31, was held face down on his bed and lashed 40 times with an electrical cord by four men as punishment for going to the pub.

    It was claimed his attackers - one of whom appeared in court yesterday - worshipped at the Omar Mosque at Auburn, where Mr Martinez has been attending for prayers.

    One of the men, Tolga Cifci, 20, appeared in Burwood Local Court yesterday charged over the attack.

    Daily Telegraph, Sydney.
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  2. Call me a silly old carrot, but the world would surely be a better place for more brutal vigilante justice.

    It's the only language they understand. Well, that and Arabic obviously.
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  3. No no, carrots; that's called 'legal pluralism'. It's a multicultural thing. It's good for us.
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  4. what the fuq, burn the effing lot of them and anyone in a burqha should be slapped with a cricket bat and pushed into the canal or set the dog on them.
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  5. Muslim named Christian Martinez living in Australia whipped for drinking in Pub?

    Jeez, add a midget, and it could be Jersey Shore; Australia
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  6. nobody forced him to join the religion of peace.
    so ha ******* ha
    The Emperour mong is mulitculutral
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  7. Nothing religious.

    Sexual games gone wrong.
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  8. Who in their right mind would convert to Islam in the current climate?,,and why?,,he will not be able to convert back because he will have a Fatwah placed on him.....stupid stupid idiot.....
  9. I wouldn't convert to Islam at the North f*****g Pole.
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  10. Just look at the banner that being advertised here on this thread. Brilliant Muslim Matrimonials
  11. I though Australia had more sense than to allow Muslims to get away with the shit that they get away with in GB. Wake up Aussies or it will be too late; just like it is in GB!
  12. I think he should change his name to 'Jeremiah Cohen'.

  13. Sounds like a plotline from some gay porn flick.
  14. you're kidding aren't you? with our hand wringing leftie govt? and the greens have balance of power in the senate. ffs they even changed the role of the infantry to suit the pc brigade. we're slavishly following you lot down the same pc shit shute....
  15. I'll worship any God who advocates the flogging of Australians!

    We used to do it, shipping them out there, half way around the world before flogging them to death.

    Our once muscular christianity has lost its way highjacked by mumbling oaves, gay bar loiterers, left wingers scared by outright communism and shit loads of kiddy fiddling.