Top Tip - grand National Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. As today is the Grand National, I thought I would pass on this "racing cert". Des Browne is a four-flushing, power-grubbing, derelict of a man with no moral compass who is NOT looking forward to Monday and the new working week.

    Honest, I heard it from an Irishman in a pub...
  2. My little fella in Lambourne mentioned Naunton Brook - worth a few quid each way at 125-1.
  3. An Irishman slagging off the SoS of Defence, no bias there then, EVEN IF HE IS 100% RIGHT!
  4. I realise I am about to be serverely Waah'd!

    But a genuine tip for the national , from "someone" on the inside is L'Ami - currently at 20's. I've got a harry on it.
  5. Ten years ago I had a tenner on the INLA as the IRA were odds-on favourites.
  6. Mckelvey

    currently 12-1, go on, it'll win
  7. I've got twenty-five of the fcukers running, so some shyte has got to stick surely? This tactic did not, however, work last year, so...? Sonevafushi my (desperate) hope.
  8. WAAAH!
  9. Just need one horse to fall, taking everyone else with it, and the one in the wheelchair at the back to wheel home at 1000-1
  10. OK, second - hope you all backed it each way.
  11. i think silver birch will win
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I did :D
  13. And very satisfactory too.

    How could I resist horses with the same names as my favourite tree and my first platoon sgt.?

    And it's almost Bushmills o'clock.
  14. First and second? Well Done!!

    Four of my six were there or there abouts at some stage but either refused or fell. My nearest were Liberthine and Simon :(
  15. That v. pleasing double conceals three others that didn't pay up. But with 25% of the field being Irish, it seemed likely something would produce the goods, if one did e-ws and doubles on Irish runners.

    But Locksmith on Thursday was the star. A fairly serious e-w investment three weeks before at 25:1 enabled me to buy several bottles of Bushmills - one of which is currently open and by your elbow, m'dear sir. And do pass it this way when you've finished with it, like a good chap.