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Soldeir magazine have rated the THAT rifle only just ahead of the SA80, in a lowly 7th. How can they be so off message?

They fiddled the survey by picking the shit looking one. Plastic furniture wouldhave made it look more Ally and ensured it came first
This is so wrong. My world is falling apart. Everything I believed in is being called into question. I must remain strong and believe in the one GUN.
The rifle at no 2 was a real piece of kit and defended the Empire for best part of 60 years. Fired it as a cadet and apart from the kick which on my 4' 11" 5 stone soaking wet frame was somewhat harsh I loved it.
The M16 is a ******* better rifle than the SA80! Obviously these twats have never fired an SLR or it would be no 2 after the 303. I think they are just guesstimating or trying to rile the old and bold!


Soldier mag? A bunch of never served, civvie cnuts - what the feck do they know? Obviously the AK should have been no.1 on any kind of rifle survey!
Still think the safety on the A2 is crap. It's a little plasticky nipple. Stick an AK safety on it and it would be much better as long as nobody could hear your approach.

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