Top Ten Watering Holes where a lost weekend has started...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by macattack, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Top Ten Watering Holes where a lost weekend has started or finished…………

    NAAFI Bar – Mercury Barracks – Birgelen
    The Irish Pub – Europa Centre Berlin
    The Malesh Nightclub – Heinsberg
    Mon Cheri’s – Berlin
    Scorpion Nightclub (AKA Catterick School of Dancing) – Catterick
    The Plastic Pubs (Peak, Posties, Troggs, 39 Bde) – Theipval Barracks – Lisburn
    Robinsons Bar – Belfast
    The White Lion – Covent Garden
    The Restoration – Cheltenham
    The Swale Arms – Catterick

    A wide and varied list where the ale has flowed and the good times have been a plenty, happy days!!!
  2. Let's not forget:

    Senor Frog's - Cancun
    Raul's Rose Garden - Belize

    You mean to say you started your evening in Mon Cheri's? Hard core. Was that so you were guaranteed a bath?
  3. Anyone who has been to Brunei must know cherry berries, just across the border
  4. Heavy weekends in Berlin!!

    needed to relax, never did the bath but had a laugh at the ones that did
  5. The "Dodgy Oppos" (Good Companions), The "Two Sticks" (Two Trees), The Spanish Bar, all Plymouth.
    Both Berliners mentioned by Macattack. Remember a leaving do in Smuts Bks - the guy was presented with a huge fcuk off poster of him in the bath with two ahem young ladies at Mon Cheri's...he didn't know (till later) that we'd sent a copy to his mother......
    Dick's Bar, Malta GC.
    In Sara J - CJ 10 and The Bulldog (Butmir), The Harp, The MAC Bar (Mine Action Centre) downtown. Tough tour that one.
    Mostar - The Fireman's Pub.
    China Fleet Club, HK (looong time ago).
    RE Bar in MGrad Bus thingy.
    Van Damms (Chav Central, Chatham 70's/80s) - bloody awful strippers and sh1te beer really, but made sports afternoons fly by.
  6. "the Church" Kings Cross, many a beer scooter has needed to take me home from there on a Sunday evening after going on to Backpackers, i cant manage to negociate the tube sober but somehow i manage it whilst blind drunk. :D
  7. The Belgie Bar, Rheindahlen.

    Then on to the PMC, the Marley and winding up in Pops and Eddies or the Gravel Pit.
  8. Normal Friday/Saturday evening in times past always seemed to follow the same pattern after a couple of warmers in the Naafi it was off to the Church in Krefeld, (now called the Tree) Taxi to the Onion on to the Comeback Steakhouse (upstairs) and then wake up some where in the Altstadt in Duesseldorf or halfway up the street of a thousand pubs in Moenchengladbach.

    Then try to find a way back home again..... happy days indeed (if somewhat blurry :) )
  9. Talking about Berlin, its Grune Woche next week anyone going? I went there in 1989 and got lost. Took me a pished 3 hours to find my way out!

  10. Can't remember, many bars names, however, top ten places a lost weekend has started, been part of, or finished:
    Any NAAFI bar
    MPA, the Falklands (never mind lost weekend, lst 6 months)
    Twickers (of course)
    Newcastle (escape from Otterburn)
    Newquay (Adv Trg!!!!)
    Dortmund (my first experience of germany)
  11. The Gander on the Green = Bournemouth (2nd Home)
    The Knights Tavern and many more i can't remember the name of = Windsor
    Lulworth Cove.
    Cyprus for 6 months, lost the plot big time!
    Detmold W.Germany as it was.
    Every NAFFI/Troop/Sqn bar i went into.
    Spent a lot, Drank a lot & remember very little!
  12. the wagon and horses colchester.

    spent a few weekends local until i realised best way to get the railway station safely avoiding " come on boss you poof have a pint" was to use the back streets :lol:
  13. Remember the Euro bar before the Belgie!
    Pops for Chips and Mushroom Sauce specially catered for by The Chicken Fcuker
    The Vic - Brisbane Best bar in the world. Bris Vegas Rocks
    Four Floors of Whores - Singapore
    Kings - Blandford (before the redevelopment)
    Marley on a Friday !
    Queensway on a Sunday
  14. Bull & Bear - Kowloon HK.
    Bottoms Up - Kowloon HK - ended up engaged there, still don’t remember it happening.
    Blue Room - BMH Hannover.
    Hospital Bar - Echelon Belfast.
    The George - Aldershot - Almost every Thursday after pay day for far too long.
    Army & Navy - Aldershot
    Globe Trotter - Aldershot - Great hang over & fractured ribs from falling down the stairs.
    RAF Akrotiri - Bowling Alley - Very cheap larger, tank up & hit the town
  15. I'll go for them, and the Placky pubs in Lisburn. They ain't there any more, the NAAFI had them pulled down cos they built an all singing and dancing bar, and wanted the exclusive on the bars. They said that the Placky pub was made of asbestos, bollox, it was ace on a friday afternoon and then waking up on Sunday in there for a liquid breakfast