Top ten things to have in the ACF/CCF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. If you had a complete dream sheet of equipment and facilities e.g. climbing wall, range or assault course. What would be on your top ten things to have?
  2. Ha ha ha........................... perv. Seriously.
  3. Patrol Lanes, wouldn't cost much but would have the effect on the Cadets. Assault Course would cost a packet to build and attend, Ranges to maintain to H&S standard, a patrol lane YOU could build and the kids would love it!
  4. nice one thanks. any more ideas?
  5. 10 more motivated, dedicated AIs. Actually, we're not badly off. AND we have access to both mini and FB ranges. Maybe a few boring things like powerpoint projectors...more access to LSWs (that's the end of any chance of a decent discussion of your new thread).
  6. You think? Was hoping not......
  7. Im trying to get some more storage and looking for any links or people that would know where to get some cheap Iso containers or portacabins. My dream sheet would be:
    1. New rifles
    2. Assault course
    3. Pyro (the chance to use some)
    4. Climbing wall
    5. Ranges
    6. Patrol
    7. Equipment like Sleeping bags and water proofs
    8. Ceremonial gear
    9. CQB area
    10. SATT range
    These are not in priority..
  8. Spent a day working with the SQMS in the stores boxing kit and uniform to be returned.

    A lot of it had no numbers or labels missing so this was placed into a separate box, some very good grade 1 kit in there.

    These boxes were then turned down by our local Cadet unit, R.A.
    The kit was then disposed of accordingly.

    Whats the score then with TA kit :cry:
  9. You do realise you are in the Cadets don't you?

    What do you need new rifles for?
    why a Climbing wall? why not touch base with a local climbing wall, and see if you can arrange discount/use.
    Ranges? behave.
    Ceremonial gear? why?
    CQ fcuking B area? see ranges
    SATT range? see ranges.
  10. How about a compulsory Values & Standards brief?
    Everyone signs to say they've had it.

    If they are later proven to have shagged/hit or otherwise abused their position, they get booted for breach of contract.

    None of the usual benefit of the doubt, swept under the carpet bollocks. Everyone knows the score, absolutely no confusion.
  11. Knew I would get a rise from someone........

    But its all about offering something interesting and new, as well as following the ACF syllabus. Its just a thread dude........... Just a thread....
  12. msr

    msr LE

    How about:

    Well organised lectures from enthusiastic instructors who instil in these young people a sense of duty and values which results in:

    1) No people screaming and shouting and running pointlessly around the TAC
    2) Not hanging around outside the TAC is various states of undress smoking
    3) No one shouting and swearing at passers by

    The RAF Cadets manage it, who can't the ACF?

  13. Do you not think that that applies to all cadets (Navy, RAF or Army) really?
  14. What a collection of fools. If this happens again, please pm me. My cadets are crying out for kit.
  15. Funnily enough, only yesterday I was sworn at, shouted down, assaulted and had cigarettes stubbed out on me by some very rough Air Cadets, who then ran around pointlessly. So you never know, do you?

    I was taught CQB on my ITC, (though in my case this consisted of me stumbling around blindly, throwing myself on the ground and firing at targets I never saw) so presumably they expect me to pass it on to cadets. So why not an area to do it in? Hopefully taught by someone more competent than me?

    No ACF without SAA, SAA pointless without live firing, so why not ranges?

    But above all we need more good AIs.

    Matilda, my 'end of discussion' quip was only a reference to the way that any mention of LSWs tends to result in a deluge of posts asking why ACF need weapons at all.