Top ten tanks

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by woody, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. anyone watched this channel 5 program supposedly list of top 10 tanks ever
    seemed to be put together without any real thought
    s tank
    t 72
    m1 abrahams
    leopard2 best tank ever
    Fun program but list is decidely odd and i would say wrong
    sherman &sheridan should be removed as should the s tank what do others think ?
  2. Looks to me like they took all the tanks mentioned in Nuts/Zoo/FHM over the last five years and put them in a list...

    sherman ...remove, brewed up too easily
    sheridan ...I don't really know it- opinions anyone?
    panther ...keep
    s tank...its a tank! it doesnt have a turret! No! Get rid of it I say!
    t 72...hmmm
    m1 abrahams...m1a1 or m1a2 or...?
    t34...definetely, Id consider it a revolution in tank technology
    leopard2 ...if you say so!

    How about the WW1 Male and Female tanks..?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What was the criteria?

    Most built? T34, T55, Sherman, M60

    Most reliable? Nothing German between PzIV and Leopard

    Best defence? Merkava, Tiger 2

    Best attacking? T34, Centurion

    Worst? Anything French, Italian, Japanese, most British.

    Certainly some strange choices. Was the S-Tank ever used in Combat? Don't think so! Sheridan was pretty much derided at the time, as the weapon system was pants. T-72 make great moving targets, but not much else.

    My 2p worth :)
  4. The sheridan was included as you could chuck it out of a plane .Even the program admitted it was pants gun missle system that didnt work fire conventional round missle system breaks . Leopard 2 was claimed to be best as lots of new technology and reilable engineering .
  5. The S-Tank seems more like one of the WWII German Stug-type things (Jagdpanzer?) than a proper tank.
  6. Having spent my military career in a tank, I offer this:

    Sherman - Tank yes, fine tank no. Too easily destroyed, small gun.
    Sheridan - Not a tank, officially an Armored Recon Vehicle.
    Panther - Excellent in it's day
    S tank - Gun platform, not a tank, no turret.
    T 72 - Thin Armor, Unreliable autoloader, Easy killed
    Centurion - Fine Tank, Excellent armor and crew protection, speed.
    Merkava - Too big, but adequate.
    M1 Abrams - Excellent crew protection, very fast, very accurate.
    T34 - In it's day and excellent tank, especially with the 85mm gun.
    Leopard2 - Another fine armor vehicle, excellent gun system, accurate.

    Just my humble opinions of course.
  7. Not a tank bloke but here's my Top Seven (with justifications):

    • 1. T34 - rightly termed a revolution in tank design - we still use ideas and innovations from this tank on our kit today.
      2. CR2 - a great piece of battle proven kit - end of story.
      3. M1A2 Abrams - over-engineered? Yes. Good at killing tanks. Yes.
      4. Leopard 2 - it has be on there because it is actually jolly good, however I still believe that a lot of its good press derives from the ill-fated Top Gun 90...
      5. Tiger - combined with the 88mm gun, this dominated every battlefield (until the T34 turned up and gave it a run for its money...)
      6. Merkava - anything the IDF are still using must be ok!
      7. T-80/90 - AT8 Songster - 'nuff said.

    I could have done a Top Ten, but there simply aren't enough decent tanks without being silly...

    Now a discussion on best AIFV on the other hand... :D
  8. And Blades - it was a 'Jagdpanzer'...have a gold star! :D
  9. T34 came out before the Tiger. I personally think the Panther was a better overall tank than the Tiger, but as they say, that's an opinion. Other than that, your list is in my top ten. The other good thing about the Merkava is its ability to carry troops, albeit very few in light scales.

    Centurion has to be in there. Possibly the JS3 as well for it's time.
  10. Thought it was a typically poorly-researched & ignorant programme, despite the contribution of a few knowledgable talking heads. Maybe they should have called it "ten tanks the average punter has vaguely heard about".....

    Top Ten in what respect? Fighting ability, combat success, or place in history? E.g. Sherman may have been a very average tank in design and combat record, but as an icon of the Allied effort in WW2 it certainly deserves equal fame to the T34, Tiger, Panther et al...

    Hard to see how they could rate the Leopard 2 as No1 when, despite its theoretical tekkie superiority, it has no operational record (as far as I am aware). At least most of the others could be judged by the proof of their combat record. Doesn't CR2 have a 100% success rate so far - ie no casualties - which could be argued to edge it in above M1A2, let alone Leopard 2?

    Having not heard of the Merkava I googled for it and found an obscure Spanish(?) gallery with many tanks in it.

    My slightly-off-topic-question is how the hell did they flip a Challenger on flat ground?
  12. The one in the background looks to have thrown a track as well!

    As for the top ten here are my views,

    S tank, no combat, if the design were that good why don't they still use it?
    Centurion Yes, battle proven from India to the middle East.
    Leo 2, no combat, no top ten, even Chally 1 was battle tested.
    Chally 2 yep
    M1 yep
    T72, no, hell if yes why no Cheiftan?
    Sherman?? Later useed by IDF etc so possibly
    Panther, why not
    T34 yes Sir
    Sheridan, no
    M60 possibly, see T72, but has had combat use.

    Big Willie, Where it all began, or at least a MkIV etc

    Only my opinion, and I'm a scaley so what would I know!
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah...mildly perplexed ( but not at all surprised) not to see ANY mention of Challenger II . but don't know enough about it to judge whether it was justly omitted.

    ( More feckin' US and Euro propaganda as far as I could tell )

    Lee Shaver
  14. How about ingenuity? - I think the DD tanks were quite a clever idea (execution may not have been as good on D Day as anticipated - floated early/heavy swell/lots of incoming!)
  15. T-34? HA!
    It's a Trash-34!

    I've had some experince of these buggers having helped (BReifly) in am useam where we had some of these vehicles from satan.. Sorry Stalin.

    OK so It had A good shape, Wide tracks and A big gun.
    It also ahgd poor sights, No radio, an engine that brok down every 2 seconds, and it's armour was alot softer than most other tanks due the "high tech" Russian steel forgeing. I did have somewhere a Picture of a T34 that broke down in hte middle of a show, and had to be recovered by a Warrior ARV. One russian Regiment switched to M4 shermans, and I saw a transcript of an interveiw with it's CoO, none of his crews would swap back tothe T34 after a Sherman.

    It's one good side: it's dirt cheap to produce.

    My top nine:
    FT17 Revolutionary desgin. the Forerunner of all tanks.
    Tiger Good in many respects, but had a few weaknesses.
    Firefly All the good points of a sherman, with possibly the best gun of the war. (Or if you'll alow, The Black Prince! An english tiger, with Good reliability)
    Centurion, arguably THE best tank ever, Look at it's career around the world.
    T-64 Way better than the T-72, and what the T80 was derived from.
    M1A2 goodish in it's day. bit dated now, and getting under gunned, and needs to much Fuel.
    Mekarva, Bit slow, but So deadly.
    Leo2A6 Scarry, scarry tank. Great armour, Huge gun
    Chally 2, Great Gun, Great armour, Faily light when compared to the M1A2 and Leo 2A6

    I also wanted to include a Crocodile, but I thought that was abit unfair. Yes Damn it, I am A Spotter, wearing an Annorak. I can probaly ID most Tanks from the last 60 years.. :roll: