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The Buc features again

ROFLOL - 'Twas a little more sophisticated than that. As the aircraft lifted off the runway or left the flight deck the oleos extended eventually operating switches that initiated the retraction sequence.
There's been several instances where pilots have selected gear up - Because the gear retracting as soon as you lift looks good - that have come badly unstuck because theres been a hump or bump and the weights been off the wheels enough for them to start retracting.

There used to be an amusing one on you tube
The Buc features again

Looks as though he went a bit higher than normal for the benefit of the photographer to me...

All true,said pilot was suitably admonished and offered a PVR, which he took.
He wasn't exactly offered a PVR as he explains here. More a case of being chucked out with little regard for due process...

Edit to add: John Farley, of Harrier fame, recounted the incident thus:

On the day concerned I was sitting at my desk at Dunsfold listening on the phone to a Wing Commander in OR speaking about some issue of the day, when he started to speak ever more slowly (a very rare event for that individual) and just before he came to a stop his last words were ‘There is a Hunter flying under the bridges’ There then followed about 3 secs of silence at both ends before we both spoke simultaneously one word – Pollock.

But then you see we both knew him quite well.​

(From Pprune, 2003)

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