Top Ten Low Fly Pasts

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by BlackBuckOne, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Some cracking video footage here.

    Forget the clip at the start of that ******** Tom Cruise......

    My favourite is No 3, the RAF Harrier, is this guy cool or what ?

    In fact there are several showing British jets and UK personel

    Black Buck One - Out
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  2. Is that sound of the engine or the pilot whining? :D I've got to disagree with you there I think the Mirage has got to be the best and the KC135 is also impressive.
  3. My favourite didn't even make your top ten.


    Audio NSFW.
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  4. Kinell!!! I'm sure some of the drivers have to shake the gravel out of their foreskins when they land. When they fly that low, does the height-show thingy on the dashboard (sorry about the technical terms there) actually indicate "six foot" or "ten foot", or do they just trust to luck?

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  5. Ah, those Spitfires eh!! love the unmistakeable sound of the Merlin engine, (wipes tear from eye) :crying:
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  6. The KC-135 is impressive in that the wings didn't come off! That's some feat of flying.
  7. That Spitfire is good lol

    there is another one out there on you tube from a Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom...screaming over..must have blown the eardrums off the onlookers :lol:
  8. Got to agree with number 3. More becasue of the balls of the bloke stood there nonchalant as fcuk!

    God bless our "hard working" light blue "friends".
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  9. As much as I admire the flying. They're still homos.

    This is also ARRSE, not PPRUNE, and in current affairs, not Aviation. FAIL ;)
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  10. A colleague of mine, who also was the second on the balcony, used to have a job manning a radio in FI.
    If it looked like Argie-Air was on the way, he'd press the button on the radio, and say, "Cue", or "Scramble" or whatever, and the jets on the runway would screech into the blue yonder to go do some war.

    On his afternoon off, he went to a bunker buried such that the runway is at eye level, and wagered that none of the drivers could do a flypast low enough for the plane to be visible in the narrow slit of the bunker.

    After about the 3rd attempt, they'd got it. By our hero keeps telling them that they're nowhere near, and they get progressively lower and lower.

    Eventually he has to concede that he's lost the bet and hands over his hard-earned beer tokens. He was sad to lose the money, but claims it was worth it to see the the look on the all the visiting admiral-types who lost their hats that day.
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  11. I have some very good one alas not to be posted on here. Those who know .... Well you know I guess. Cleared hot
  12. Thanks for that :roll:
  13. Indeed, as one of our most famous WWI officers said - "they may go up-diddly-up, but they're still gits".
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