Top tank commanders of WWII

I'm running this in several places on t'internet, to get a good range of answers.

I need the names of who folk consider the top three WWII tank commanders from the US, Great Britain & Commonwealth, Germany and Soviet Union - that's three from each. It's for a set of playing cards, so I need suggestions for the King, Queen and Jack cards. Also, any suggestions for the Jokers?

I had though of using the nations leaders and other senior army chaps, but I figured some folk might baulk at the idea of Hitler as "King"... :eek:
My great uncle Alf must be up there. He got his crew through North Africa and Sicily without loss despite having an unreliable Valentine!

His crew thought he was a great bloke, he even poured the sand into the carbs himself a few times.

A big **** off German shell found him at Anzio though!
My Grandfather, he drove them Hobarrts funnies, he wasn't even a "Tankie" he was RE. He didn't get found by a shell at Anzio though.


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Brit - Joe Ekins took out three Tigers in his first battle.
Originally thought to have got Wittmann but since changed to Canadians.

Pat Dyas' driver allegedly either reversed back up a street to avoid Wittmann
They never commanded any tanks just armies.
Sure about that?

Patton had his M1 Combat car, a Light tank design later developed into the M3 Stuart.

He manned the .50 Browning during training, took part in maintaining it
Anyone who got demobbed at the end of the war qualifies,so that lets out a number of so called panzer aces,cos they're dead,not a very convincing entry on a Tank Commanders CV,I would have thought?;-)
Those are pictures of Montgomery and Patton in their command vehicles. Despite being the ranking officers I doubt if either of them even commanded those tanks.

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