Top tank commanders of WWII

I'm running this in several places on t'internet, to get a good range of answers.

I need the names of who folk consider the top three WWII tank commanders from the US, Great Britain & Commonwealth, Germany and Soviet Union - that's three from each. It's for a set of playing cards, so I need suggestions for the King, Queen and Jack cards. Also, any suggestions for the Jokers?

I had though of using the nations leaders and other senior army chaps, but I figured some folk might baulk at the idea of Hitler as "King"... :eek:
My great uncle Alf must be up there. He got his crew through North Africa and Sicily without loss despite having an unreliable Valentine!

His crew thought he was a great bloke, he even poured the sand into the carbs himself a few times.

A big **** off German shell found him at Anzio though!
My Grandfather, he drove them Hobarrts funnies, he wasn't even a "Tankie" he was RE. He didn't get found by a shell at Anzio though.


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Brit - Joe Ekins took out three Tigers in his first battle.
Originally thought to have got Wittmann but since changed to Canadians.

Pat Dyas' driver allegedly either reversed back up a street to avoid Wittmann
Anyone who got demobbed at the end of the war qualifies,so that lets out a number of so called panzer aces,cos they're dead,not a very convincing entry on a Tank Commanders CV,I would have thought?;-)

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