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Top Taleban commander arrested

BBC news story

A top Taleban leader, Mullah Dadullah, has been captured in Afghanistan, Afghan officials have told the BBC.

The senior military commander was said to have been detained by international troops in southern Kandahar province.

Mullah Dadullah was a member of the Taleban's 10-man leadership council before the US-led invasion in 2001.

Kandahar's governor said three members of the council had been arrested but did not give names. The Taleban deny Mullah Dadullah has been captured.

There has been no official confirmation of the arrest from the Afghan government or US military.
Doubts over Taleban chief seizure
Fresh doubts have been raised over claims by Afghan officials that they have captured one of the Taleban's top commanders, Mullah Dadullah.


The officials told the BBC on Friday that he had been seized in the southern province of Kandahar.
But a man claiming to be Mullah Dadullah later told the BBC he was still free, and not far from Kandahar.
The man identifying himself as Mullah Dadullah has contacted a number of news agencies by satellite phone to say he was free.
During his two calls to a BBC Pashto service correspondent in Pakistan, he said he was the one-legged Islamic commander who had been leading Taleban insurgents in Kandahar and Helmand provinces.
The man said he would continue to attack Afghan and foreign troops in the area.
The man said it was possible the authorities had mistakenly arrested one of the several thousand innocent people who had lost their limbs by stepping on a landmine during the ongoing Afghan conflict.
The Afghan puppet state have claimed Mullah Dadullah capture or killing on at least 2 occasions previously. And, guess what? It was nonsense.

But this time it must be true - as T6 apparantly has inside information... :roll:
Bring him over here then we can give him a house , a car, compensation for being wounded and free reign to do what the hell he wants. Why didn't we just say oops never saw a thing and have him removed from the big picture.

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