Top Story on the BBC - The BBC (again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Victorian_Major, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. It's getting a bit tedious.

    Boring BBC

    The last few days of BBC news (and I'm watching 'the Ten' now) has focussed on, er The BBC. First HM's alleged walkout and now the row over phone-ins. Neither deserved top billing and a combination of apologia and spin is pretty tedious - particularly as the lead story.

    So - lazy story. I mean, how hard is it for a journalist to stand outside Television Centre and read out a press release from his own company? To add insult to injury they then advertise the 'have your say' link to further prove the point that they can't be arrsed with proper journalism anymore.

    Second story. Disintegrating Russian relations and assassination attempts. Nice sense of perspective BBC. I'm now a convert to Jon Snow and C4's news coverage.
  2. Actually I think the question of standards, truth and integrity in the BBC should be the top story. We, the licence payers, fund the BBC and we should expect the highest standards of integrity.
  3. Its all going to be Ok though as BBC Staff are going to be undergoing Integrity Training.

    I always though you either had Integrity as a Person or you didnt .. :?
  4. Top story on BBC Newsnight.
  5. And they are at it again - the BBC thinking that internal newsletter stuff is worth top billing.

    BBC is news on BBC

    What annoys me is that this myopic, solipsistic organisation gets our money for poor quality end-of-pier talent show infested pap.

    If these scrotes go on strike for let's say, three days - how much of my licence fee can I have back for services not rendered?
  6. Any organisation that employs a 'Director of Vision',and a US woman to boot,does not deserve public funds.The BBC has lost it's way,tries to force the opinions of it's staff on the public,and should be completely reformed.It is also a place where friends recruit other friends to work there in a sinecure.
  7. There was a guy on newsnight last night trying to defend the programming that the BBC3 channel spew's out.He had the nerve to sit in front of Jeremy Paxman and say "I actually commisioned 'Titty titty bangbang',and its a hilarious comedy show".He made me want to vomit blood.
  8. A pretty good rule of thumb is "Don't trust the BBC further than you can spit"
  9. That far? My, you are a trusting soul.
  10. I hate it when the BBC thinks that its own internal affairs are news, its one of the few areas where I disagree with their methods and policies. This should have little or no public coverage.

    As a counterpoint, the company I work for with a turnover about 50 times that of the BBC, announced recently a massive corporate upheaval where several thousand staff would be relocating about a 1000 miles to another office within the USA and a similar number of staff to the BBC could well go on the dole, as well as offices closing and that they would also get out of some industry sectors. I haven't seen a dicky bird mentioned on any main TV news channel apart from a bit of coverage in the business press. Why do the BBC think that they are so important ?
  11. Just in. The revised BBC1 Saturday Night Schedule - post job cuts:

    8.00 pm ~ “Changing Nigella Bites Strictly Come Ballroom Hell’s Ground Force Kitchen Rooms On Ice”
    9:00pm ~ Another chance to see “Changing Nigella Bites Strictly Come Ballroom Hell’s Ground Force Kitchen Rooms On Ice”
    10:00pm ~ Another chance to see “Changing Nigella Bites Strictly Come Ballroom Hell’s Ground Force Kitchen Rooms On Ice”
    11:00pm ~ Another chance to see “Changing Nigella Bites Strictly Come Ballroom Hell’s Ground Force Kitchen Rooms On Ice”
    12:00pm~ Close

    If it comes to picket lines outside Broadcasting House, who’ll be crossing them this time around? Last time the scabs were Wogan, Steve Wright, Chris Moyles, Declan Curry and others.... or maybe they’ll be among the unlucky ones? Maybe they’ll need to turn to the Union and exploit the help that’s on offer...even to unprincipled back-stabbing swine.
  12. Old and tired............self obsessed Lefty cocks..........My My what are they going to do now without their publically funded jobs?

    oooooh idea......manning shortfall!
  13. You could use the same argument in respect to HMG. But anyway, doesn't the BBC get audited and reported on annually as a matter of course? Thought I saw that somewhere?
  14. Bottler Brown Communications (BBC) is rapidly becoming as shabby and biased as the repugnant government whose mouthpiece it is.
  15. Why is the reporter stood outside Television Centre? Surely they should be allowed in if they are a BBC employee.

    What irritates me is that they are prepared to cut jobs rather than getting rid of the execrable BBC 3, Radio 6 and Radio 1 Extra. I do like BBC 4, but would not be too upset if that went as well. The less said about the CBBC channel and CBeebies the better.

    And whilst I'm in rant mode, could Jabcrosshook remove the ridiculous graphic from his signature block? It makes the page too wide and I'm fed up of scrolling from side to side every time I read a page that he's posted on.