Top "spy" in coma

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scrofula, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone else spot this story in yesterday morning's online Telegraph? Basically some top flight civil servant heading up a hush-hush committee was found in his London flat in a coma, poisoning ruled out. Anyone put a name to the bloke? Story had disappeared without a trace by 10:00 CET. Bit odd.
  2. He's the Chairman of the JIC and the story has been all over the media and remains so.
  3. Telegraph doesn't have anything.....I'll have a look elsewhere. Thanks for that.
  4. Oi, Sergey - have you been been a naughty boy(again)?

    "Here, comrade, enjoy a lovely cup of tea. No, don't worry - it's supposed to glow like that..." :twisted:
  5. I first heard about the story two days ago, and it just seemed like an illness, but today's broadsheets are definitely suggesting that a conspiracy is underway!

    On reading this morning's press, I wondered how Arrse would treat the story. This thread seems somewhat tame! Maybe, we should beef it up a bit?

  6. Ah, well the truth will out Litotes.

    It was The_Snail that got to him, in an ill-though out plan to inflict The_Snail's intelligence and opinions that should be heard at the highest level. :D

    The only question now, Is just what did Snail do, to leave the "target" in this condition?
  7. Sit on him?
  8. I thought the Snail was a little more careful than that; surely she would not have left him comatose. He might recover and talk....

  9. Evidently he survived going for a walk in the Oxfordshire woods and further measures were necessary....