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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jack-daniels, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I watched this earlier and expected both the shooting and spotting to be of a greater standard.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  3. I did and thought it was a bit of a cheeky challenge.
  4. Just watched the 1st episode of top shot, Big Brother with Guns
  5. I quite like it. A British version would be slightly disappointing, with a .177 air rifle and the opportunity to throw stones at tin cans.
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  6. Perhaps if we were to remove such aggressive and immflamatory words such as "Rifle" and violent words like "throw"? Maybe "Compressed air Lead dispersal unit".
  7. I watched the final last night and interestingly Iain Harrison won.

    Looking through the London Gazette the only one I can find that matches the time line is a Stuart Iain Harrison RRF

    Search Results
    Cheaper Than Dirt! Interviews Top Shot Winner Iain Harrison | The Shooter's Log
    There's even a Facebook fan page :roll:
  8. He is by the sounds of it ex RRF. He spoke early on about a blue on blue during the first gulf war, which would tally. Came across very well, in my opinion.
  9. He was TA attached to 1RRF in Bosnia in 1995/6 as a Coy Ops Offr (the Coy also had a Regular 2ic).

    I don't know if he was Regular prior to that, but if so must have left after 3/4 years max service. I don't think he was with 3RRF on GRANBY.

    He was a gun/webbing nut.
  10. There's are other series out there for military History to air, it's a good channel with some little gems hidden amongst the usual, Lost films of the Vietnam war was cracking!!
  11. I'm watching season 4 now, got quite into it. Lots of sportmanship on display over the various seasons with only an ex SEAL officer being a complete chopper.
  12. Just watching this, it's good that he won.
  13. **** a duck - 'Jake' the ex Navy Seal officer - what an utter cnut!