Top secret training (CLASSIFIED)

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I found this website a while back but I was reminded of it while reading through "search for a walt star". My god it makes me laugh! Make sure you read through it all, its classic. I cant imagine people who actually attempt to buy this stuff! :D
Found the most important point : $127

Sorry couldn't find another.
I'm about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don't believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

My name is Lt. X. And in what seems like a lifetime ago, I was the military intelligence officer for an elite Special Forces unit within the U.S. Army.

Our job was to “hardwire” spec-op soldiers with vital combat mission skills, training, and information.

Whether it was tutoring complex, multiple mission objectives, the usage of new technology and weaponry, giving a crash-course in native languages, retraining for unfamiliar hostile terrain, and even how best to handle local resistance- it was our job to teach America’s most elite combat units new information fast, efficiently, and with perfect recall.

My job as the newbie “whiz-kid” lieutenant was to bring the “old-dogs” in my unit up to speed on the most advanced and cutting edge learning and teaching methods.

Now realize this…Although I had been through the “works”, the brutal combination of Army specialty training schools, I was a young man at the time and had no “live” combat experience.

All I had were a few fancy degrees in education and military science, a couple black belts in the more popular Asian martial arts, and a hell of a lot of Army training.
Walking in as a “brand new” officer, I was supposed to teach-the-teachers, (some whom had been involved in every conflict since Vietnam) how to do their job.
If Lieutenant X says it works I for one believe him...
I never believe anybody who can't spell his own name.
S'nuffink! I used to be able to stop a mans heart with a medium hard stare. I'd tell you all about it, but after clocking up over 500 unarmed kills for The Activity, they erased my memory. :roll:

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