Top Secret INT CORPS car park

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. I spotted this on Google Maps today. An Easter Egg? Free parking for INT CORPS members? Covert urban design by an ex-Corps member with a sense of humour?

    Sheer coincidence? I think not. There is more to this than meets the eye... ;)


    For those who are looking to join the INT CORPS, this location forms part of the initiative test for entry; those special individuals who can work out its location are automatically fast-tracked into the Corps. Simply park in any space on a Friday morning at 0:07hrs precisely. You will be contacted by shady-looking individual in a long mac, asking if you "want to join the Harp Players." Answer in the affirmative, and you will be given directions to Chicksands and issued your Walther PPK :D
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  2. Getting your car up there is the tricky part.
  3. Looks like the top of a cake.
  4. It's a storage compound for piles of offcuts from commemorative stable belts, made to fit retired Int Corps weebles.

    Scale is about right. :)
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  5. TBH I'd rather be issued with a Sig Saur P229.
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  6. the blob centre bottom is @ashford_old_school trying to get his keys into his 1978 Datsun Cherry muttering "fugging' fuggers" to himself.
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  7. What, he wasn't being forced to drive the section's tan-coloured Lada Riva?
  8. Oddly enough the first handgun I ever fired.
  9. Me driving a tank like that? I was dangerous enough in a micra!!
  10. Shame it wasn't a Webley No.1.

    Truly, a missed opportunity.
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  11. Looks like the roof car park at Woking shopping centre.
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  12. The square roof in the bottom right of the image looks like a ww2 era watchtower.

    Probably a concentration camp for people who got backsquadded on their opmi3.
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  13. I thought this was going to be about the dogging car park outside the main gate.....
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  14. For me it was PP model, you know the one without the lug on the magazine,...........alternately it was what frequently ran down my leg when I couldn't control my disdain at WO2 JC's lack of knowledge about his own Section area.
  15. I worked in a gunshop in Egham waaaaay back, and was taken shooting for a jolly. Must have done about 200 rounds.
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