Top Secret File goes missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_matelot, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Cu.nts

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  2. Cu.nts

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  3. Err, I'm a Sun reader-I'm not sure

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  1. 'A SECRET dossier explaining in detail how military chiefs would respond to a terrorist emergency has been found in a kitbag dumped in a ditch' - It was RESTRICTED.

    "I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it up and saw what it contained. There it was, all this secret stuff in the middle of a lot of smelly gym kit" - It was RESTRICTED.
  2. Presumably the Scum and the Scummy reader will now be prosecuted for handling stolen property
  3. Everyone knows the scum are cu.nts but this is low indeed..

    I wonder how much the scum reader was paid for handing into the scum offices rather than somewhere you would hand restricted material into. Did he phone round and go with the best offer?
  4. Whilst I agree that there is the normal sensationalism involved in the reporting perhaps a more important question is whether the "home addresses and wives’ names of the MoD’s 28 top counter-terrorist personnel, including one of the Army’s most senior brigadiers" is really only Restricted or whether this is the protective marking that makes it legitimate for the duty staff officer to carry them around?

  5. The bag could be stolen by foreign spies (Russian for example). Then foreign spies could blackmail the officer. No doubt he would reject any frorm of cooperation. Now his carier is under question. As for so called 'Sun reader' then it would be a good idea to check his links.

  6. Good idea, surely there were not enough pictures in the RESTRICTED document to entice the "sun viewer" into viewing it??
  7. Obviously there is no link between the scum that broke into the car and stole the rucksack, and the scum reader that "found" the rucksack on the roadside.

    Sounds to me like sun chav realised he had stolen more than just his usual rucksack full of laptop from his favourite car park.
  8. I agree AF1771, otherwise how did the person who "found" the offending items know it was left in a car park?

    “Surely documents like that should not be allowed to leave a military base, let alone be put in the same bag as a gym kit and left in a supermarket car park.”

    Erm, I thought you found it in a ditch? At this point, would he/she known where the docs were left?
  9. The most that will happen to him is that he will be given the opportunity of losing another Staff Duty Officer's File when he is given a few extra duties.

    As for the losing his MOD Form 90 (ID Card), there is no 'going rate' which applies to other mere mortals who lose them. However, he will be 'invited' to make a significant 'donation' to a military charity!

    As a former Chief Clerk I found by long experience that 'Rupert' and especially 'Rodney', by his very nature, cannot be trusted with files or documents of any description - they mix like oil and water!
  10. And as a former chief clerk, you are showing your age. There is no 'going rate' at all for MOD 90 anymore, and certainly no invitations to contribute to the CO's favourite charity. However, speaking as a 'Rupert' I heartily agree that we should never be left with files or documents of any description - ask my RAOWO :oops:

  11. Or Keys.
  12. Well that's Duty Officer sorted for all the next Mess functions and Public Holidays this year....I would Hope!!
  13. "ID card ... we obscured major's face " (from the scum article)
    Why the fcuk did they print the picture? you could probably recognise who he is anyway, all they did was hide his eyes. Anyway its nice to know that scum readers have enough integrity to hand files marked "restricted" into the police isnt it?
  14. So that'll be Fat Charie who's stagged on the longest down in the Scum reception then.