Top Secret assessment left on train!!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Oops !

    Top-secret documents containing the latest government intelligence assessment on al-Qaeda have been left on a train in London.

    The documents belonged to a very senior intelligence official working in the Cabinet Office.

    Someones getting in the sh!t for this one!
  2. Are the beeb now the fourth fcuking emergency service?

    So its a picture drawn in crayon of a stick person with a long beard with the caption "these peepul r naughty"?

  3. Look on the positive side - if it had been found by some Chav we would be reading all about it in tomorrows Sun. I bet someone at the Beeb has copied them though.
  4. If they have been left unintentionally then I am very worried. However (call a crazy conspiracy theorist if you must) is it not possible that this could be either a regular exchange (thats been done rather clumsily) or even intentional misinformation.

    Or worst case scenario theres a rat in MI6 who is selling national secrets, in which case I hope he "disappears".

    Also it's quite a coincidence that the terror bill was up for discussion and these documents have gone missing the same day. 8O
  5. You see later it is a SECRET document.

    BBC home of excellent reporting as usual
  6. The document shouldn't have even been carried around in such a manner, definately shouldn't have been out to read or otherwise (to enable it to be left on a train seat), which makes me think it was a leak.

    Flashy I see you are familiar with our intelligence techniques! Crayons at the ready!
  7. I wonder if the miscreant will be first 42 day 'guest'?
  8. Its more likely to be some stupid cock with absolutly no common sense whatsoever. Like the twat who left the recruiting laptop in his car.
  9. For some one still serving you should know your classifications, as the document was top secret the person described in the said document should have actually been Very naughty rather than naughty?
  10. Um, if you look at the document. It is clearly PM Top Secret and then some.

    The thing is also dated 5 June 08.

    Methinks the cabinet office have been light with the truth.

    This is a horrendous breach of security. TS on a train??!

    However - I'll be monitoring this thread carefully. I don't want to see any discussion on the details of the document or it's specific PM other than it's Top Secret. There will undoubtedly be someone conducting an investigation and heads may indeed roll but I don't want to see speculation and chit chat which may go outside of the remit of UNCLASSIFED on here. That includes discussion of JSP440 and what it says about what should have or have not been done..
  12. Flashie's depiction looks a whole lot more realistic that the report on WMD that was being hawked about.

    What a joke, though. I get the (perfectly justified) bollocking of my life for the shameful act of leaving a very low level PM doc in a photocopier, albeit in a sealed highly secure environment, and these pin striped tw*ats are distributing them to all and sundry on railway carriages and leaving laptops containing higher level stuff in pubs ffs.

    Contents aside, the idiot who did this deserves to be flayed alive.
  13. "Horror" covers that well.

    Global press splash: Bexhill Observer to the El Paso Times.

    Still, at least it was someone Surrey bound from Waterloo and thus found by a decent sort no doubt in First Class. God alone knows what would have happened if Sarf London bound from Charing Cross with the proles. :roll:
  14. Good point but if the person who found it was at all decent he would have handed it to the nearest Poilce station, not the media.
  15. They would have probably amended and updated the info to bring it up to date before handing it over to the Sunday Sport. :roll: