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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by abacus, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. From the Dept of Too much Time on Their Hands:

    Having at long last crept, just, into the top 100 posters I couldn't resist comparing who was who in that particular league.

    There are:

    2 Admin Blokes
    24 Moderators
    and 74 mere mortals like myself.

    Of the top 100 (not counting the COs)

    10 are showing as donated at least £100
    21 are showing as donated at least £25
    23 are showing as donated at least £1

    No way of telling who has donated anonymously of course.

    Obviously, this is only a snapshot in time but I wanted to commemorate my 666th post (something beastly about that number) with something new, even if it was going to be wrong as soon as I posted it.

    If anyone else has time on their hands, how about a regular snapshot of what's going on?

    Edit in response to canteen_cowbot below
  2. Where can one see the posting league table?
  3. Wooooohoooooo rank 61 here, gobby shite i am!! lol

    In Postings anyway
  4. Also remember some people do donate annonymously so do not always go off who has donated what...
  5. I have got some pants with month old wheelspins in - I can donate these if anyone's interested.
  6. Good shout c_c. Post edited accordingly.
  7. There is a surprise, I'm in there at 33. Not a prolific poster, but if you are in there for the long haul you are bound to notch up a good total over time.
  8. Sorry...was just wondering how many i'd done in my time, and couldn't be arrsed to look at the profiles or back at previous posts.

    This is just me being indulgent.

  9. You lot are starting to make me look puny. Not sure I was wise starting this thread now :grin: especially when numbers 101-110 decide they can catch up.
  10. Number 11! Got a long way to go to catch up with Beebs though.....
  11. Actually that's not accurate. MDN had to restart after a lot of posts , due to some technical difficulties, which mostly involved Teddy overstressing :D

    And you need to combine Biscuits and Baddass's posts for his true figure
  12. 243. I need to start posting cr@p :lol:
  13. As opposed to what?