Top plod "suspended"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bloodforblood, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Surely if you are already Assistant Commissioner there is only one job to which you have been discriminated against.............
  2. What a fcuking HUGE can o' worms!

    Seems to me that the protagonists are as bad as each other in this bunfight, one pulls the "Race card" then the other cuts him off at the knees...tch!

    Gives us another boatload of confidence in the boys in blue when their seniors fight like 5 year olds in the school playground eh?
  3. Not 100% sure but I thought this is the guy that played the Race card to get where he is now and accused Blair (of the Sir Ian variety) of racism etc. etc.

    Pretty sure it was discussed in here in more detail with specific examples given of him abusing the system.

    I prepare to be corrected though!

  4. He isn't white therefor it must be racist.....
    Long overdue that the Black Police Officers bollox is outlawed as a racist institution.
  5. Chuffed to fcuk - should be LWOP though!
  6. What a Throbber, Its not like hes been kept down at Junior Levels because of his colour , more likely overpromoted to his current position. His conduct just proves how indiscrete he actually is.
  7. I can't help but notice that many of the most prolific race claim professional victims are rather senior in rank anyway, and compared to their white colleagues, have done just as well if not better than they deserve.

    In my own job, I used to work with a woman who successfully trousered £120k from the employer for being turned down just once for a promotion, according to her, because she was a WOMAN!

    In fact, everyone who ever meets her takes a dislike to her because she is rude, arrogant and overbearing, and actually an indifferent performer at her job. This has nothing to do with her gender, and everything to do with her attitude. She continues to rise meteorically through the ranks, because the employer is scared of having to shell out another fortune for her 'hurt feelings' (ie: shameless greed)

    It is also noted that her other half is a rather successful employment lawyer. Q'ell surprise!
  8. He is just annoyed that his contract was not going to be renewed. He thought that he would be Commissioner because of his race. The next Commissioner is likely to be the present C.C. of Kent who seems as though he really knows what he is doing.
  9. I thought you meant Blair was "on gardening leave"
    Seems this guy is paid £180k a year.As he has done 30 odd years he could retire with a lump sum of £522k,and receive £85k a year pension.Nice work if you can get it!
  10. That will be interesting!
  11. You are probably right. My view is that he is another one who played the race card to get promoted as he has done nothing to support the view that his promotion was on merit. My reference for complaint against him is "Token Tinty".

    His police authority will be deliberating on twenty years of p-ss poor Kent Police anti-terrorist performance. TYhis is part of complaint against a county cllr on the police authority, but if KPA cannot wriggle him off the hook I have called for them to require Token Tinty's resignation. Soi yes expect instead that he will be the Met's Obama.

    Maybe the Police Authority Standards Board will make their early decisions just as David Phillips is expounding on the theory of policing at this bash just down the road

    Is Seagull a delegate ? You know your blood pressure, and even temperament, would benefit from listening to academia tell you how to do your job ?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I heard this on the radio on the way to feeding the pheasants, I could hardly contain myself. I hope lots of ex mob in the plod are watching, I'm sure IT guy will be along soon with some pithy comments and Seagul who will secretly agree but slag him off in an attempt tp prove that plod are gods (FFS?)
    Anyway I wanted to open with "Cry Paddick and lets slip the trolls of plod!"
  13. How fcukin much?

    Can someone start the bus so we can go on an outrage tour please.
  14. What exactly is wrong with removing a very important job from an attention-whore who is spending most of his time either in court or holding press conferences and giving it to someone more qualified, but less black?

    As for the Black Police Association :roll: