Top of the Pops cameramen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legallybald, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Just been watching some rubbish on TV not unconnected with E4's Big Brother thing, and they repeatedly ensured that the naked/scantily clad burd was shown from the head and shoulders only... why can't they employ old Top of the Pops cameramen?

    They used to guarantee lingering views of jugs, flanges, bottoms going, the lot - and I still have fond memories of a Kim Wilde upskirts c. 1981 (Kids in America I think) which forced me to excuse myself from parental company and make an excursion upstairs.

    Here's an image from the era in question:


    Unfortunately there's a bloke in a wig on the back right.
  2. So, where's the Kim Wilde shot then?.............
  3. I went to school with the daughter of a TOPT cameraman.......................She wasnt dirty and I have no particular fond memories of her; however I do remember what her dad did..............
  4. sorry but from a photographic point, the TOTP cameramen were the worst of the bunch.
    Childrens BBC was where they graduated to once they had completed their apprenticeship on TOTP.
    Ask any decent snapper - sorry to burst any bubbles here!
  5. Your gay, aren't you. :lol:
  6. NO - honest, ask any photographer, when presented with a nubile peice of female flesh, the first thing he looks at is angles and lighting (at least when he is behind a lens).
    The TOTP photographers were shit! a semi-evolved simian with only the most basic grasp of what an f-stop is could do better.
  7. You are gay aren't you!

    T C
  8. I've asked three, and they all say that you're gay.
  9. He is without a doubt.

    Oh and thanks for picking up my poor spelling :wink:
  10. I didn't even notice! The italics was purely to emphasize that he is a total bum toucher.

    But WRT the spelling... tisk tisk!

    T C
  11. Ha Ha ....Bum toucher.............You should have emphasised that it's probably little boys' bums too............

  12. Definitely feckin Gay. Who gives a sheet about camera angles, as long as we get a view of their boxes
  13. You need a good slapping, "photographic point" my arrse
    Hot gossip, Pans people, spiders legs.......excuse me I think I'll go and er...reminisce
  14. Have to agree. The camera work on TOTP was poor universally. Just when you thought you would get a moist knicker shot the camera zoomed in on the spotty faced herbert on the Zylaphone whatever. Very disappointing.