Top of the lake?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else still sticking with it? I shall give it one more week,and if we have another episode like the previous weeks, it will be binned.
    Then I shall watch The Returned again and see if I can make any sense of what is going on there!
  2. Not seen top of the lake, seen the trailers with Holly Hunter looking like one of Macbeths witches. It all looks rather weird and artsy. I have the last two episodes of the returned to watch and I hope it starts to move up tempo and begins to offer some answers.
    Spoilers anyone?
  3. No, but can I be the first to say I would.
  4. Let me know how you get on with the returned as I was stumped with the finale, there are questions I want answering in season two like who picked up the brass after the police kicked off outside the helping hand, will there be any more flash backs of the nurse and the policewoman in their fancy dress outfits and will that sexy little vixen Lena be getting her norks out again as the shower scene was a personal highlight.
  5. Have any of you thought about just binning the telly and living your own lives, instead of glueing yourselves to the gay media mindwash every night?
  6. But if they did that then who would tell them what their opinons should be?
    As D. Adams once said "if they stop then their brains may start to work".

    Imagine the chaos that would ensue.
  7. I havn't a clue whats going on, but have half an eye on it. The Doris is still keenly watching.
    Are the Greenham Commoncrowd all lezzers?
    Will the Psycho Jock dude go medival on another Kiwi's arse?
    Will the brothers Grimm get a proper cup-uppance?

    I'm just interested to see how it all ends. It had better be good.
  8. You are assuming I know people that I want to socialise with.
  9. Nobby I was very surprised to read that one of the "Greenham Commoncrowd" is none other than Lucy Lawless!
    She plays Caroline Platt and is in episode 5.
  10. The scenery is pretty, though I'm still getting flashbacks to The Hobbit and its fecking dwarfs every time I see NZ. The plot is sexist feminist twaddle but the acting is not bad. The ladies in the containers are a hoot. But it's that mousey little minx Peggy out of Mad Men actually looking quite hot running round in sports gear with a Postal Pistol that dragged me through it.
  11. I wonder if the fragrant Ms Lawless has ever considered getting the puppies out.
  12. I have seen all the episodes of Top of the Lake, stick with it.
  13. I did.And I am very sorry that I did.I can only assume that all the unanswered questions will be resolved in the inevitable "Series 2"
  14. Great cast and stunning scenery. David Wenham (Faramir) should feel at home in LOTR setting.

    Makes a change from the usual run of the mill criminal dramas, though there's a lot of good TV stuff around at the moment. As Grace Dent commented, worth staying in for, despite the hot weather outside.