Top Muslim officers turn on ‘racist’ Met

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Or may be an attempt to get the Police authorities to cough up some more dosh to bolster their pension funds!
  2. Passed over for promotion, so what??? Whinging old cnuts. So basically what they are inferring, is that the Police are racist because someone else got the jobs that these old boys wanted?? Not even newsworthy in my opinion.

    Cheers Easy!
  3. To$$ers
  4. Nothing to do with flogging his book then! :D
  5. Perhaps they would like to have a chat with all the white policeman who have been overtaken by fast track minorities, and all those white applicants who were rejected in favour of minorities (see multiple threads passim)?

    Sounds to me these people were not given preferential treatment which was to their taste.
  6. As a ground floor copper I would say...........

    Tarik Gaffur is OK, for a detective, and quite popular force wide, plays a mean game of squash for an old fella to. If he replaced the current commish he would have a fair amount of ground floor support.

    Cdr Hussein is an ex Officer from the Royal Navy and is engaged in closing Hendon and making all recruit training "on the job" I have only met him once and he seems OK in a senior officer kind of way.

    Ch/Supt Dizaei is unknown to me, but has had an unfortunate past that, rightly or wrongly plays against him.

  7. Stoatman,

    could not agree with you more mate - spot on!
  8. Thanks for sharing that. It's worth looking into at the very least
  9. You agree with Stoats, despite what Trotsky has posted?
  10. What Trotsky posted proves nothing. If he had provided evidence that the people promoted above them were worse candidates on a purely meritocratic basis then you would have a point.

    This whole thing reminds me of white applicants to the Met being told that there was no room, and they would have to reapply later, but coloured applicants who applied at exactly the same time were fast tracked straight in, and it also reminds me of the overt policy of fast tracking the careers of ethics.
  11. Maybe a case of them not being good enough for promotion/jobs despite being asian,hard for them to take I suppose so they go and play the good old race card.
  12. Dont get me started. My fella (16yrs in the force) has moved 75 miles from his home to my place on the Nottm / Derby Border. Can he get a transfer to either force? Can he feck . On top of his shifts he has to commute over to Wolverhampton every day. I keep telling him, next application, your not a white hetro male, your a black disabled lesbian.
  13. Any reason why you didn't move over to his house? Might have saved you all the grief and he wouldnt need to transfer.
  14. My house is bigger Victorian effort and his was a one bed room modern shoe box.