Top Mortar Drills

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by box-of-frogs, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. He should be wearing ear defenders. He'll regret it when he's older.
  2. Poor camera work, we didn't get to see where the round landed 8O
  3. The wall in front of him by the looks! :twisted:
  5. FOOOUR!
  6. is the guy stoned?
  7. Why? Is he an adulterer?
  8. He has a somewhat vacant expression on his face. perhaps the mortar tube should have a warning. "do not operate while intoxicated"!
  9. I'm sure that would of been picked up by testing prior to his deployment.
  10. Poor handling skills, he should at least consider H&S and wear woolen mittens I reckon
  11. deployment to the mortar brigade of the liberian army, didnt know they were so thorough! id be more worried about his shoddy turnout!
  12. In parts of Yorkshire, "while" means "until". Is the bloke from Bradford?
  13. yep. thats a normal bradford friday afternoon.