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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

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    they seem to be having fun at MOD there is that new bloke who is supposed to be practised in the dark arts of press manipulation as well.
  2. E Grade: Do as you're told
    D Grade: Set an example
    C Grade: Try to set an example
    B Grade: At least try and make an effort to set an example

    Senior Civil Service: Set an example? That's for the little people… oink!
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  3. Has he broken any rules,was he fiddling anything? If he's entitled to it,then what's the problem? More shite from the Daily Mail recycled into the Torygraph.
  4. I was reading this last night in P Eye (latest edition - quite an amusing dit) and had to smile at myself as I have just been required to present receipts for £26.26 to a Cpl to prove that I did, in fact, eat. The man's clearly a throbber and should immediately become a politician.
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  5. You'll also probably find the PM's expenses if you include work car, flights, hotels, food, protection etc come to a tad more than 23 grand.
  6. There's a difference between entitlement and kicking the feckin arrse.
  7. Is the Civil Service motto

    'It's not our lives that depend on it'.

    Because its certainly their attitude.

  8. Breaking the rules? No, but leading by example? Also no.

    Not a week goes by without another exhortation from on high to the lower orders to cut more costs, work more free overtime and a reminder that we're getting no payrise and they are looking at cutting back on anything in our T&C's they think they can.
    Meanwhile, up at the Ranch, the heads are not cutting their cloth. Cold day in hell I'd be allowed to book into a hotel on a run up to MB from Pompey, but I now of a very self important higher up person from MB who does just that when coming the other way because 'I'm only claiming what I'm entitled to'. He 'could' get back on the cattle class train to London at 6, but…
  9. Dingerr - the thousands of civil servants who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan may disagree with your view. They've been exposed to similar levels of risk to many of the mil personnel in theatre. IDF and small arms fire doesnt discriminate. Plenty of MOD CS have had to go outside the wire on op tours - particularly the op analysis, geeky and other types, and I know some who've been in contacts due to the nature of their job. In no way can they be compared to doing a punchy EOD or Infanteer role, but they do put themselves into some risky places with their roles.

    As for the post- the issue is what did Bernards contract state he was getting? If his contract insisted he needs to stay in a 5* hotel, then that was the price paid for his services. Personally I disagree with the idea of SCS getting massively better treatment than mortals by staying in a 5* hotel when the rest of us stay in more normal accommodation.
    That said CDM needs to travel a lot for work, and his diary is such that he, like other 4* posts is expected to start very early and finish very late. Comutting means he is not able to do the job we've paid him to do, and at those rates I'd rather we got every working hour possible out of him.
    For the real MOD (and I would suggest as an outside appointee parachuted in he doesnt qualify for that title), the ceiling cap is the same for both mil and civilian and is a more sensible figure, usually under £100 per night per room.
  10. Don't forget that when travelling abroad VIP visitors are often offered accommodation in the British Embassy thus saving on hotel costs.
  11. Don't see the drama, here. Decent TACOS will be part of the contract which lured him from commerce into the Civil Service and I'm not minded to give him a hard time for taking what he's entitled to. That said, the pisswilly pennypinching which CS and military types are subjected to is equally bloody annoying - and I speak as a taxpayer. I don't have an issue with those guys being adequately accommodated when out and about, nor with a sensible expenses policy being adopted. I work for a decidely ungenerous company in a mid-senior role and we're certainly not expected to slum it (although turning left on the aircraft is a distant memory, even for long haul).
  12. I'm not defending the scrutiny in CS contract analysis as I'm sure it's fit for purpose (open view) however I'd like to add that during the crazy Op Olympic period there were on quite a few occasions CS & Dr's accommodated in Military accommodation within Londist.

    I'm unsure if its available, and it quite often is due to joint Military/MoD courses throughout the year this type of trend could quite easily continue thus saving the taxpayer tidy Hotel costs.

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  13. The squinty eyed 'muslamic ray gun' posters expressing outrage need to get over their feelings of envy and wake the **** up.

    People at that level get paid £220k, have a car and driver, and get to stay in £200/night hotels. Pay less = get less competent people. It's that simple.

    Cue 3 dozen unfounded posts about how shit the CS is, by failed ex squaddies who think they could do a better job yet can't even bathe themselves regularly.

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  14. And servicing his pushbike!........