Top Military Training = Sad Computer Game

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bad CO, Jul 29, 2003.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    If you aren't playing the very dodgily named America's Army then frankly you need to be!

    Link on the links page

    I did try this a while back but I was playing Operation Flashpoint at the time....

    I seem to recall the range day with the M16 seemed fairly 'realistic'.

    Top fun

    And FREE too! :wink:

    Muzzle flash a-la-Hollywood!

    Die, Commie bastard!

    Throwing yerself out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft

    Sunday shopping at B&Q

    Negotiating a fair deal for servicemen at the Houses of Parliament! [​IMG]
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Brainwash warning: Quote from america's army help pages:

    Q: I am not in the United States, can I still play the game?

    A: Yes! Although all of the official servers are located in the United States, there is no restriction on who can play America's Army. We want the whole world to know how great the US Army is.

    How long until "America's Religion" comes out?
  4. Yeh, AA is a pretty good game, the only problem i found with it was that the servers seemed to be pretty laggy and that it was a little too realistic for my liking!

    Getting shot/dying and not even seeing the guy that shot me was not too much for my liking... if i wanted that to happen i would join the army... oh yeh :roll:
  5. Still sticking to MOHAA at the moment. Some really good addons available for download, and still great.

    This week I have mostly been playing Blood 2 , for a rave from the past. Anyone had a look at VietCong yet?
  6. Just try WWII Frontline Command and tell me if that isn't the dogs.
  7. Yep Ive got Vietcong its ok, basic training is very funny if you dont mind being sworn at ala Full metal Jacket! Tunnel sequence is very atmospheric,(almost clostrophobic) Havent got much beyond that yet tho. GFF
  8. Used to have MOHAA - but of all things - it made me bloody motion sick!!!!

    Still I got £20 when I flogged it on.

    AA is pretty good, and no, you don't have to be stateside to play it. Though I would recommoned having a DSL connection or at an absolute minimum an ISDN connection.

    Can have loads of fun fragging your Squad Leader - doesn't do too much good for your score though........................funnily enough.
  9. Yeh u deffo need an xDSL connection to play AA even on ISDN its still pretty choppy...

    Half Life: Counterstrike has always been my FPS of choice, it still plays great even if its looking a little dated now.
  10. Its a great game, totally addictive and I play all the time. Theres some great communities out there that let you track your 'game stats'. Things such as frag rate (kills versus being killed), time spent on different servers, and so on. A very good site to visit is army ops tracker. the url is the site is based in germany but is all in english with members from over the globe. You can also find yourself a 'clan' of buddies to play with so you dont feel so alone. There is a totally comprehensive faq section and help forums about every aspect of the game so if you have a question go there. I play in a small group with me mates. You will find us at were just starting out and its just gone up so no slagging in the guest book! Have fun! :twisted:
  11. Almost forgot, if you decide you like the tracker site and want to register, be kind enough to say i referred you by inserting my user id no where prompted. thankyou. id= 56289 :D
  12. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    (cough) And moving swifty on..
  13. this game is alright but its not that fun go for vietcong instead :D but i wouldnt consider americas army a training tool.
  14. Though i write something while i wait for it to down load but can't think of anything but it seems like the down load has cocked up.