Top military officers to lose their servants.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. Damn............Who will prepare my uniform and dinner for me now?
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  2. 'All armed forces families will now have their official houses furnished to the same standards.'

    And that line sits right up there alongside "The cheque's in the post" and "Honest love, I really won't come in your mouth."
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  3. Thats me out of a job then!:1:
  4. Oh well, at least I keep my cleaner.
  5. There's a few more lost PIDs we can make the incumbents of redundant then.
  6. Should I bite.....

    oh, go on then!

    I've no doubt having CGS do his own cleaning is a great use of his time. When the outrage bus leaves because of his failure to make a decision, lets recall this thread....
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  7. What a load of bollox!

    You must be his batman then!

    I think in all honesty....the CGS earns enough money to pay for his own flunky or two!
  8. It's amazing, it's like people think CGS (or any other senior Officer) should be treated like a Cpl with a bit of extra responsibility. When CGS hosts the head of the PLA at home, should his wife be scrubbing out to make sure the Nation is represented adequately? If put them in old houses, should we expect their wives to give up work to make sure the carpets are clean, the garden tidy and the drive moss-free?
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  9. And the gardeners.
  10. Load of old bollocks, i'm definitely in the RHIP camp and think this is just the thin end of the wedge here. i wouldn't mind of course if MPs weren't allowed second homes and all the other bollocks that they have; the bastards even get about 100k for resettlement from a civvy job into a ............... civvy job. Whether some like it or not they are bloody generals and worth far more than any of the top civil servants or MPs. one in 10 being made redundant, we may as well all just ******* sign off if those in power are penny pinching to this level while not touching their own sordid 'expenses' and getting their own houses in order. We could save an absolute fortune by putting call me Dave up in a three bedroomed terrace in Manchester so why not do that as well? **** 'em, just **** 'em!
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  11. I wonder if this is just civvy domestic staff or the military house cpl/sgt?