Top marks to this kid

I've run away from home....................but no fecker missed me, so i went back......last week......8O
When I was 13 I dug a burrow in a fir plantation on the fringes of Dartmoor and lived in that for a week. Great fun, until it rained and the packet soup started to run low. Went back home and my Dad said, 'I was hoping you'd drowned.'
At six I ran away. I stopped on the way in the kitchen at stupid o'clock, took a swig of the milk before going out and discovered the milk had gone sour. I went back to bed.
Well when I was a kid I lived with me aunt polly, she made me whitewash the picket fence for fighting and bunking off school but my mates gave me apples and that so they could do it for me..yeah I was a bit of a wise guy I spose..

Anyway, cut a long story short, after that slag betty thatcher dumped me, I saw injun joe slot some bloke in the graveyard so me and me mate huckleberry were on our toes and became gayers next to the mississippi river..

Course without the support of a family I got into trouble by becoming a pirate and then a robber..

Funny the things you do as a silly yoof innit..
Tom Sawyer walt...

I was forever escaping from home, travelling miles and miles on my youthful adventures for up to weeks at a time...

Or so I thought. It just happened to coincide with the introduction of 'Care In The Community'.

I sometimes wish I could run away from home.


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Are you people on drugs or what? Up to the age of 16 when I left to join the pirates I had me dear auld Mam, me Na-Na and two of me Mams sisters both of whom had daughters roughly my age. I only ran away to join the pirates because I discovered I was gay. Otherwise In would still be there. Dressing up in girls clothes and playing at being girls.
Got about 500yds down the road calling me mam all sorts of names then realised that it was bread and butter pudding for tea, went home with my tail between my legs got good hiding salty tears custard, bread and butter pudding for tea.

The good old days ?
You have to be kidding. They're going into panic mode because I'm going away for a week, there's no way they'd run away, they'd have to do stuff for themselves then!

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