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Ohio students' lunch interrupted by greased, naked man in cafeteria; cop uses Taser

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (AP) - A high school lunch period was disrupted by a greased, naked student prankster who ran around screaming and flailing his arms until police twice used a stun gun on him, authorities said.

Taylor Killian, 18, had rubbed his body with oil to keep from being caught, and got up after the first time he was shocked to continue running toward a group of frightened students huddled in a corner at Westerville North High School, Lt. Jeff Gaylor said Monday.

"That prank went a little farther than he intended, I guess," Gaylor said.

Officer Doug Staysniak was monitoring the lunch period when Killian, with long hair and a full beard, ran in the room toward students, who screamed and ran away. The officer is normally assigned to a middle school and did not recognize Killian as a student, Gaylor said.

Police said that an administrator ordered Killian to stop, but that the student made a sexual gesture and kept running.

Killian is charged with inducing panic, public indecency, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was being held at the county jail Monday, and it was not known whether he had a lawyer.


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Very funny! And to think he got back up again to run around some more after he got tasered. Chap should get a medal. 10 out of 10 for effort and forward planning.

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