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Can't find a link to the story but it was in the Brid free press a couple of weeks ago on the magistrates court page, the mucky cunt!
That is outstanding!

Not quite in the same vein, but in a "difficult" period in the Balkans, family members used to send me their local papers.

My local ethnic landlord, who was learning English at the time, was particularly taken by this lead front page story in a Highland paper:


Nobody hurt
'Fully clothed nude found alive on towpath!!!!!'
I remember "Man slipped on frozen vomit outside kebab shop." Paper shall remain nameless.

He was in court for thumping the shop owner, who he apparently held responsible.
Our local newspaper, The Press and Journal apparantly had the headline "North East Man Lost at Sea" when reporting the sinking of the Titanic.
Not a headline but a report in the Sheffield Telegraph and Star of a good many years ago.

68 year old Man in court having been caught shaggin a 19 year old bird in a shop doorway. Magistrate asks "Does the accused have anything to say before sentence is passed?"

Accused: "Choose what tha does tha waynt stop shagging in Sheffield!"


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Not a headline, but I saw this while back in the Motherland the other week.

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Seen in a Sept 2011 edition of Hello magazine
The Diana one is a spoof from Private Eye.

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