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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DPM, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    This lady's just a little ticked off:

  2. Best not talk about the US being upset that the Canucks refused to go into Iraq then :)
  3. Brilliant :D
    this is getting emailed to everyone I know, it should be turned into a flyer and put through peoples letterbox

    Pure Genius ad good on her
  4. Crap propaganda designed for half wit Americans and Canadians
  5. Don't knock the Canucks, I'm marrying one. They're a breed apart from the septics.

    She also gives fcuking cracking head, what you need in a nationality really
  6. And that is supposed to be a reason for us NOT to knock them :? :wink:
  7. It is a reason; it's my job to knock the fcuker out when my dinner's not ready for when I get back
  8. Crabby.... you're "marrying" a lumberjack called Pierre aren't you. you screaming homo.

    Don't give it the internet hard spouse on here, when he'll knock the living shite out of you and turn your colon into somethng that looks like an angry red football sock hanging out of your dumper...
  9. It does anyway, she's got some huge vibrators
  10. I hope she leathers you with them, rendering you in a permanent vegetative state.

    She fcuks other men
  11. another typical rant of a blinkered middle class soccer mom who has never traveled or served in the military in her narrow bigoted life.

    but thats ok, caus I dont fukin care.
  12. Although I agree with 'her' statement (save for the Jesus bit), this could well be true. Does anyone know the original source of the post?
  13. I don't want to sound like a liberal to$ser but if UK forces don't abide with the GC then what distances us from them? No point fighting for democracy and freedom from tyranny if you become what you sought to get rid of. Sort of stock American (doesn't sound very Canuck- or she might have remembered the rest of the Commonwealth, not just the white ones who spoke english) win at any cost, if you aint for us you're against us kind of thing. Not my cup of tea.
  14. I remember seeing this several years ago ('05-ish?).
    I'm sure it started in US, and refernces to British and Commonwealth troops were added in later versions; dependent on location of 'forwarder'.
    Or I might be imagining it all.
  15. out of curiosity i have just googled it. thousands of hits, many different versions, most have no mention of brits or cannuks (or anzacs),

    cut+paste something you think is clever, mod it to suit your own view then post. :roll: