Top judge demands severe sentances for traitors...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. "Offences of treachery must be met with severe deterrent prison sentences to provide protection for members of the armed forces who risk their lives for the country, the Lord Chief Justice said today.

    Lord Judge, sitting in the Court of Appeal in London, sent out a clear message as he announced the reasons for dismissing a sentence appeal on 11 June in the case of an army corporal who was jailed for ten years for spying for Iran. "

    The rest here...

    The article seems to hangle exclusively the question of sentencing policy as applied to serving military types. There is, unfortunately, no mention in there of sentencing local lads who go out to Afghanistan to play at being holy warriors. While it can safely be assumed that the ones that do so usually fall to justice, albeit at the tip of an FMJ or two, the question of maintaining a robust legal framework to deal with the homegrown terrorists has yet to be conclusively answered.

    Or am I completely wrong on that point? 8)
  2. Good job this isn't in the NAAFI or there would be a big long list of names to send to the Lord Chief Justice, starting with Brown, G. One. Hanging, for the use of.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The Appeal Court will normally only comment on the actual case before it. We'll just have to hold our breath to see what happens to civilians who are traitors. As we all know, our Northern Irish RC traitors were all let off in order to bribe them into not killing people.
  4. The sad thing is, as we are now 'governed' more and more from Brussels, and our sovereignty is diluted to the point where all these matters are judged and decided there, the issue of 'precisely what is treachery and against whom?' will not be decided by us (the UK), and rather judged against how it affects or is potential damage to the EU and its interests as a whole.

    All the old chestnuts about "setting fire to Her Majesty's shipyards, piracy on the high seas and endangering the life of the Monarch [in a time of war]" were consigned to the history books long ago.
  5. Hanging sounds good save a fortune for the tax payers

  6. If only
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Plus, of course, what I consider to be treason namely membership of the Soviet-funded CND, some of whose members have gone on to the highest posts in Govt. Surely undermining the defence of the realm in the interest of an alien power IS treason?
  8. Check this lot out - too big to post individual names hence the link;
  9. Hmm.
    How much evidence is there that the CND yoghurt weaving sandal wearing loonies are fundied by the big ol' bear?

    Err, not that I want to be seen to be sticking up for the tepee dwelling backwards hippies! :x
  10. Regarding earlier media stories that certain british born muslims (holy warriors)have been heard by our armed forces talking in brummie accents over enemy radios in afghanistan, and that taliban bodies have been found with aston villa tattoos.
    Is our border agency monitoring these people as they leave our country and noting their destinations?..and what about thier returning, as surely they must come back here for abit of RnR when they have had enough of the US drone aircraft sending missiles down their mud hut chimneys in wazeristan...
    We all heard the tipton taliban stores years ago not to mention the crawley taxi drivers who 'were just attending the uncles wedding'..or on a computer course??
    Why arnt the police investigating these matters with fine tooth combs. These utter despicable traitors who have been granted citizenship here should be swinging in cages from the tower of london for the ravens to peck at.Hanging is to good for them.
  11. Did they repeal Execution as a punishment for treason? damn.
  12. Dear old Tony did that for us in 1998 IIRC. Is it treason for British citizens to take up arms against British forces in foreign countries? Wouldn't they just be turned over to the Afghan courts for a long stretch in a dusty prison without a Playstation in sight?

    I seem to remember an allegedly former member of Osama's angry brigade living in Glasgow. He'd claimed asylum and got the full monty - free house, free money, free Sky+, even a free interpreter while freely admitting that he'd fought British troops in Afghanistan.
  13. How can the border authority track this though?I don't suspect many of them are leaving Heathrow and stating they are off for a bit of Jihad in Afghanistan nor are there many planes leaving for helmand province. I imagine most of them are travelling to Pakistan first and don't get their passport stamped when they enter Afghanistan. Trying to monitor everyone who flies out to Pakistan and stays a while when the vast majority of people would be going for legitimate reasons (business, travel, family) would be pretty difficult.
  14. Thankyou pio for highlighting my naieve stupidity..
    Still i wont feel to silly.
    I may not be the most informed person around but i wore the uniform once and love my country so i guess im entitled to have a say here and my intentions are sincere.
    This is a democratic forum, and all opinions are interesting so i wont take my dressing down to personally.
    There are to many people arguing and hurling insults all over the forums or thriving on picking others sentences apart and i dont wish to get into that.( we once called that barrack room sniping)
    I find the subjects interesting and like to hear everybodys slant on things.
    All i hope is that currently serving soldiers or members having once served all worry the same way about the state the country is in.