Top Judge Cleared Of Flashing At Woman

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by l/cpl_blowhard, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. so just because he is a judge, he is obvoulsy lying ??????

    Thats the point of one word against another. Innocent until proven guilty, etc etc
  2. maybe a total stranger just found it odd he throws his zube out on trains , fc@king spoil sport cant take a wee joke :roll:
  3. Wonder what the outcome would have been if the freemasons had allowed a trial by jury.
  4. I wonder what the outcome would have been if it hadn't involved Judge Wotshisface, but Danny the Dosser.

  5. I believe His Lordship for the following reasons:-

    1. You couldn't expose yourself twice on different trains and, each time, the same woman is the only person to notice.

    2. His Lordship brandished a pair of his knicks in court to prove that he couldn't have flashed single handed.

    Case Dismissed
  6. A judge commiting an act of sexual perversion? Never!

    I mean, if judges were perverts, peadophiles would be treated leniently, recieve soft sentances and could count on judges to bend the law in favour of the kiddie-fiddlers.

    Oh, hang on....
  7. You would definitely be upset wouldn't you! If you keep exposing yourself and only the one person notices.... how sad!
  8. Im quite surprised the woman hasnt been accused of stalking the judge :wink:
  9. im sure it will all come out in the wash , it always does , he may be an absent minded tw@t and forgot he was airing his jewels in public ''twice'' :roll:
    he may of thought the wee lassie was an off duty nurse and he wanted an opinion off her on whether the brown ring on his knob was anything to worry about ''a innocent gesture taken the wrong way by a prude '' happens all the time :D
  10. I bet Danny the Dosser's skiddies wouldn't have been put on show :D
  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Any one here ever been falsely accused by anyone? You know, someone with a grudge, or perhaps seeking attention?

    Something difficult to prove one way or another ...

    Just a thought.
  12. All the theories about standing square, etc. ignore the fact that there never was any corroboration of the woman's identification. Had it been Dennis Dosser, I would suspect this would not even have come to court. It was necessary to run this as it would all too easily lead to hideous publicity if the complainant went to Press "I was flashed at and no one did anything"
  13. The introduction by the accused of a pair of undergarments as 'evidence' that those of the type he adduced in evidence were those he usually wore was nothing short of disgraceful!

    It is the worst example of self-serving evidence I have yet seen. I am amazed that the prosecution did not argue to have it excluded, or that the presiding judge allowed it to be admitted or that the defendant, himself an eminent judge of the Court of Appeal should have relied upon such a stunt as providing anything like compelling evidence of rebuttal.

    Are we now to have criminals adducing real evidence such as a gun or a knife with the bald unsupported assertion that that which the prosecution hold is of a type which the defendant does not normally use?

    I cannot escape the sense that the outcome of this trial has more to do with the preservation of the dignity of the judiciary than it does with anything else
  14. Hmmm...he's a judge and he got let off. Shocking!