Top jobs in the British Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Was looking through the Army website, my son would like to join. Found the "Role Finder" which shows a lot of the varied careers available in the Modern Army.

    Lots of photos of happy squaddies at work, when I came upon this little gem

    She looks as though she has spent to long browsing the dusty shelves and her prominent bottom jaw is becoming like a book shelf itself.

    When did "Music Librarian" become a career option, what are the postings like or is it just a boring desk job?

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  2. I saw a telly ad the day,encouraging the youth to join the Army.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Did it feature super glueing peoples eyes shut and putting IED's down the shitter and hammering the ginger Welsh cunt?

    If not, I do wonder about motivating our armed forces in the modern world, I really do.
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I bet they don't have a nice picture of a person smiling whilst scrubbing out the shithouses like what I used to do.
  5. Laughing & chipper at 0430hrs on stag in the pi$$ing rain!!!!
  6. The army jobs website is wrong, its getting corrected at the moment, It shows pictures of people doing adventure training.
  7. Whats adventure training?
  8. If I'd have known, 23 and a half years ago, there was such a thing as "Music Librairian", I would have become one.

    What shampoo do you think she uses?
  9. Thats all the windsurfing, abseiling and other things people in bright clothing were doing and they hinted you would do. While you were standing in the pissing rain actually wishing some kind of injury will befall you just to liven things up.
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  10. Under the trade descriptions act Im pretty sure all recruiting literature should get pulled at the moment.
    Whilst we are at pains to state the army is still recruiting, it seems strange to suggest a three year cycle of training ops recovery exists. And for every Music Librarian, train driver, Bosun, geo draughtsman, dog handler we advertise there are still 30 infantry recruits being made to sign the dotted line by a recruiter who assures them "you can change trade at phase one".

    Did I mention I think the army is largely bollocks.
  11. If they advertised that life in camp was generally one big shagfest/pissup with lezzers and gays accepted , gang bang of unit bints as initiation then they would stand a better chance of portrayal of the natural truth.
  12. Ask Frank, he should know.
  13. Top job.......................................................

    '22 year Lance Jack, Junior Gay Bandsman Apprentice, Blanket Stacker (IC) Piss Satined Matresses in Stores with a B3 Clerk qualification'..............................................

    Forget 'Them', those or any other.................................................. Dey de maaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hmm, I feel I should comment as I actually know S*****.

    Firstly, the picture doesn't do her justice as she is actually really quite fit in the flesh (for a gwar) and owns a reasonably decent set of bumpers.

    Secondly, the job of "Music Librarian" is not really a trade but just a secondary admin role that every musician has to do at some point in their career. Much in the same way that other trades will have boring desk jobs that need doing on a day to day basis.

    Thirdly, I'd forgotten that this was in the Naafi so apologies for the sensible answer!

  15. ..............