Top Gun - The Honest Trailer


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I'll wager Kelly McGillis had a flange like a squashed banana.


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Well even Tom wouldn't do it for her today (She's gay).
He's a naval aviator, a pretty good naval aviator. Meets a girl, he a crisis of confidence and comes back better than ever......
you've just ruined my whole life! :(;)

not sure what worse, Kelly Mc G or the film....

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm F14
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And that's probably not the worst part....that how she looks today.....and she's a lezzer too.....
Sigh. Another fantasy from my youth ruined. :-( It's probably as well that big old tub of lard turned out to be a lezzer.:x I wonder if that life choice has improved her chances of getting some action in? :?

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