Top Gears Richard Hammon - SAS Lapel Badge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Modfather, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Prob the wrong forum but as this gets most hits it might get an answer quicker ...

    Tonight's Top Gear had Richard Hammond in the studio in a fairly camp white jacket but he appeared to have a 'Winged Dagger' lapel badge on. Can anyone confirm this and what is the story behind it?

    Also Clarkson had a 'Help for Heros' wrist band on ... no surprise as he is a decent bloke anyway!
  2. Will reply when we get that episode on council telly sorry BFBS. :D

  3. Yes, Hamster was wearing a winged dagger lapel badge. He's entitled to as he served with the SAS from 89-93.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Tp SSGT B Sqn Air Troop, IIRC.
  5. Correct cpunk, although he originally started in Mobility which is where his love of engines / vehicles came from. Moved to air troop as a result of a personality clash.
  6. Mmmm ... fair one if its true. But that still dosn't excuse the camp jacket.
  7. His jacket was not camp. It was "Hereford chic"
  8. first television appearance was on the balcony of the Iranian Embassy. Not many people know that..
  9. He also ended up whilst with them, as holding the HALO record for some years another little known fact, and i thought it was common knowledge on here about his service.

    Though i thought he was just a Sgt? with them.
  10. Shadow rank mate...
  11. You cunts just couldn't let it lie could you? Just had to take it that little bit further.
  12. Wah! He was busted! CO at the time said it was one thing to kidnap a Welsh Regts mascot goat, but it was another thing to make a curry out of it to bezzie up some Cav scroats for a go behind the sticks in a CR1!

    The curry was fab and it's great to see him still wearing the goatskin jacket..
  13. Typical little man syndrome though....... always getting pi.ssed and punching above his weight. Nine times out of ten he got filled in by some big bloke he was picking on.

    Just goes to show that they aren't all nails.

    And the short legged fu.cker couldn't keep up on runs.
  14. Oh yeah, where's his fcuking moustache then?
  15. Thought everyone who served at Hereford was called Dave? You awight Dave yeah you Dave etc etc.