Top Gears Morse code attack on Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. Complaining to the BBC has become a popular activity lately. The trouble seems to be that they haven't yet grasped the difference between "quality" and "dross". The word: "edgy" also seems to be Number One with them and the critics, but again, there's a difference between a sharp edge and a hacksaw. I like Clarkson for all the usual reasons, just as I despise Brand for most of the same. One day, there'll be a class act to follow Morecambe & Wise, but not yet.
  2. bump

    Has anybody managed to work out last night's (9th November) offering?
  3. Last of the Summer Wine was hilarious as well.
  4. What is the point of complaining about the BBC?

    As the Propaganda Department of the government, they are highly unlikely to take any notice at all.

    Naughtie and Humphrys for some time have been the 'Twin Goebbels' of the BBC Radio for some time, but Miss Montague is coming up fast on the rails.
  5. As far as television output is concerned, as opposed to News and Current Affairs, it's more of a problem that the BBC takes complaints too seriously. And as someone is bound to complain about anything they do, they end up spinning around in ever decreasing circles.

    They also take compliments equally seriously, so if you like something they are doing, tell them.
  6. change gear, kill prostitute, mirror, signal, kill prostitute....

    Good old Clarkson.
  7. The first was 'I VOTED ROSS PEROT'.
    The second was 'ME SMELL CATS'.
  8. many thanks
  9. bizarre!
  10. If say 10% of viewers complained about something then yes, it is a problem. If Less than 1% of people complain about it, why do they automatically assume that means EVERYONE was offended by something?

    Useless cnuts.
  11. Anyone manage to work out the one from tonight (just played)?
  12. the word TOP GEAR is in the first clip
  13. I think it said "too many gears"
  14. The first was "TOO MANY GEARS"
    The second was "I LIKE MR SULU"

    I didn't work it out though, saw it on PistonHeads.