Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ark-angel, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. just watched the final of the current series. yes the german bird is a bit of a MILF but Medal for the STIG i think so.
  2. A classic I think. Fcuking hilarious
  3. Was a great episode love the Address for ze germans to comlain to

    1966 Jutland St

    WE 1 :lol:
    Or something like that. Roll on the Autumn when its back, one of the best things on telly
  4. Made me laugh :)
  5. watching "WHERE EAGLES DARE" classic and holding it in belgium a place invented for us and the germans to fight.
  6. Quality viewing chaps. Howled with laughter when the soundman became seperated from his arm.
  7. the MILF would do for me mate!
  8. Howled at the sight of three Spitfires dropping the chaps off for Ze German challenge. :D :D

    Outstanding yet again.

    Hurry up Autumn!
  9. and such a sexy laugh to my little fraulien
  10. Lets Hope we see them all "TOGETHER" in the Autumn as they are a good team for entertainment
  11. iPlayer it is :( I forgot all about it
  12. Watching it now. Hoorah for Sky+!!!!!!
  13. As soon as i saw the spitfires enter i just bricked it with laughter.
  14. Class!

    "I think coming the back of those spitfires may've over done it a bit."

    "Could've been worse. We could've come in the back end of Bobby Charlton." :D
  15. Is there anywhere that shows this online? I can't use iPlayer in the US despite having been forced to buy a TV licence for my f*cking laptop by HM Govt.